Thursday, December 13, 2012

Radio Prague Today 12.13.2012

Articles posted today

Czechs curb their Christmas spending amid growing financial concerns

With Christmas just around the corner the hustle and bustle in Prague's streets and shops has visibly intensified. Yet behind the bright lights, the ever-present advertisements and Christmas carols the mood is slightly more sober this Christmas, reflecting the deepening recession and bleak outlooks on the job market. Czechs are enjoying the Christmas atmosphere but they are spending less on presents and are far less willing to take out loans for exotic Christmas holidays or buy things on lease as they have been doing for years.

Supreme Administrative Court gives presidential elections green light, but doubts remain

The Supreme Administrative Court on Thursday upheld the validity of a law on direct presidential elections, but found fault with the way that the interior ministry had interpreted one of its articles. Although the ruling is a victory for presidential hopeful Jana Bobošíková, doubts regarding ambiguities in the hastily-drafted legislation remain, with the chairman of the court himself questioning whether the long-awaited popular vote should go ahead.

Karel Schwarzenberg – a prince with his eye on the Castle

The chairman of TOP 09, Karel Schwarzenberg is one of three candidates for president nominated by a party in Parliament. The blue-blooded Mr. Schwarzenberg is – at 75 – also the oldest of those in the running. But his closeness to the late Václav Havel and clean image could stand him in good stead in the polls.