Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Radio Prague Today 12.11.2012

Articles posted today

Chanukah celebrations begin in Prague

As always in the weeks preceding Christmas, Jews around the world begin the holiday season before their Christian neighbors. The story of Chanukah is not in the sacred texts of the Torah, and those who celebrate it, do so most often at home, eating various foods fried in olive oil, playing games with chocolate Hanukah gelt (chocolate coins), and receiving presents each of the eight nights of the festival. Some, though, prefer to share this holiday of light, as it is called, with others. To see how it is celebrated around Prague, I headed to a creative workshop organized by the city's Jewish Museum.

Notorious Communist prosecutor Vaš dies innocent in eyes of law

Communist state prosecutor Karel Vaš, a key player in some of Czechoslovakia's notorious show trials of the 1950s, died at a Prague nursing home at the weekend. He was 96. Vaš, who remained unrepentant to the last, escaped punishment for his crimes in the post-1989 period – a source of regret to some historians and former political prisoners.

Vladimír Franz – The artist who would be president

It is impossible to miss Czech artist and composer Vladimír Franz in a crowd: the professor, who teaches Music in Theatre Performance at DAMU in Prague, is tattooed on all visible parts of his body, including his face and hands. Now Mr Franz is also one of the country's most unusual - and most unexpected – candidates for president.