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News 12.30.2012

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News Sunday, December 30th, 2012

By: Jan Velinger

* Snow and ice are complicating the situation on Czech roads.

* A 10-year-old was seriously injured at a ski hill on Saturday.

* Investigators are examining evidence from a Tu-204 jet which crashed
during landing in Moscow after returning from the Czech Republic.

* Commercial and public broadcasters in the country largely kept with
tradition at the holidays, repeating classic Czech comedies and

* Czech tennis player Petra Kvitova has begun the new season with a win
in the first round in Brisbane.

Snow and ice complicate situation on Czech roads

Snow and ice have complicated the situation on roads in parts of the
country, namely in the regions of Olomouc, the Czech-Moravian highlands
and eastern Bohemia. Central Bohemia by comparison on Sunday saw
increased fog. Drivers are advised to exercise maximum caution along
smaller routes but also on the country's main highways, including the

Skier dies in Sumava

A cross-country skier estimated as being around 50 years of age died on
Saturday not far from Horska Kvilda in Sumava. Tourists found the skier
unconscious in the snow and called rescue workers to the scene. Despite
efforts they were unable, using CPR, to revive the patient. Police are
investigating the cause of death.

Ten-year-old seriously injured at ski hill

A 10-year-old skier was seriously injured on an expert run on a hill in
the Orlicke Mountains and had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital.
Witnesses said the boy lost control and slid on his skis and fell on
his side from a height of about 1.5 metres, injuring his pelvis. There
is suspicion he also broke his femur. A nurse, who happened to be
skiing nearby, provided first-aid before the emergency crew arrived.
Pelvic injuries can be life-threatening due to extensive internal

Investigators examine black boxes recovered from Tu-204 crash

Russian investigators are examining evidence from the two black boxes
recovered from a Tu-204 jet which crashed during landing in Moscow on
Saturday after returning from Pardubice in the Czech Republic. Four
people from the eight-person crew died in the crash or shortly
afterwards; a fifth person succumbed to injuries on Sunday; three
remain in hospital with serious injuries. There were no others on board
the medium-sized jet which normally carries up to 210 people. The
pilots made several attempts to land before the crash: a faulty braking
system may have played a role. During the unsuccessful landing the
plane departed the runway and crashed through a barricade separating
the airfield from a nearby highway. The plane broke into three parts
and burst into flames. A Russian tabloid cited a witness who said the
plane had been billowing smoke even before the crash.

Cibulka files complaint with Constitutional Court

Former dissident Petr Cibulka has filed a legal complaint with the
country's Constitutional Court, the Czech news agency reported on
Sunday. Mr Cibulka filed the complaint two days earlier, questioning
whether 50,000 signatures needed by independent candidates to run for
president (unlike candidates nominated by a political party) was
constitutional. Mr Cibulka, who had aspirations to run but was able to
garner only a little more than 300 signatures, would like to see the
court postpone the upcoming election until the law on the election,
which he sees as unconstitutional, is changed. Another disqualified
candidate, Tomio Okamura, has already filed a similar complaint; he was
just a few hundred votes short of being able to run. Barring a delay by
the Constitutional Court, the first round of the election is set for
January 11 and 12. Czechs are choosing from among nine official

Czech soldiers will take part in fewer military exercises in 2013

The Czech Armed Forces will take part in fewer military exercises in
2013, news website idnes reports, citing information available to
lawmakers. According to idnes, Czech soldiers will train in Slovakia,
North America and Africa next year. This year the army held 38 military
exercises in the Czech Republic and took part in 99 abroad. Next year
the number will be reduced to 34 and 95, respectively. The budget for
exercises in 2012 was 72.3 billion; the army will have more money for
military training in 2013: 75.4 billion crowns.

Classic Czech comedies and live-action fairytales remain holiday staple

Repeats of Czech comedies and live-action fairytales continue to
dominate among broadcasters at the holidays the Czech news agency
reports. Both public and commercial broadcasters bet on classic films,
some of which have been repeated more than 20 times. According to CTK,
the all-time record holder is the 60-year-old fairytale Pysna princezna
(Proud Princess) broadcast 30 times in the Czech Republic and the
former Czechoslovakia. Back when it was originally shown in the
cinemas, it was seen by eight million people. On TV screens, the film
is statistically followed by Princezna se zlatou hvezdou na cele (The
Princess with the Gold Star on her Brow) which has been repeated 22
times, and classic comedies by Vlasta Burian as well as the 1970s
popular retelling of Cinderella Tri orisky pro Popelku starring Libuse

In 2012 some Czechs took loans for home appliances... but also less
traditional items

The Czech news agency has reported that Czechs who took small loans in
2012 did so most often to buy electronic home appliances such as TVs
and fridges but also more surprising items such as lottery tickets or
funeral wreathes. Some took loans to pay off hospital fees. The
marketing director of one lending firm told CTK that clients were free
to use loans as they wished but sometimes offered up personal
information: one client, apparently a diehard hockey fan, explained he
needed money to buy a television during the Ice Hockey World
Championship, while another person calling the client centre explained
that unless she received a loan she would be unable to pay for new
dentures and would remain toothless. One person took a loan for lottery
tickets after having had an "unusually vivid dream" in which he
apparently "won" millions.

Tennis: Kvitova begins new season with win

Czech tennis player Petra Kvitova began the new season with a win in
the first round at the Brisbane International Tennis Tournament. The
player, ranked 8th in the WTA rankings, downed Carla Suarez Navarro in
straight sets by a score of 6:3, 6:4. During the match Kvitova broke
her opponent's serve five times but her own service was less than
steady, broken three times. The 22-year-old player's coach David Kotyza
described her performance "as solid" but made clear there was room for


The beginning of the week should see mostly cloudy conditions with some
sunny periods. Daytime highs of around 4 degrees Celsius are expected.

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