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Episode date 8 November 2012
Interviews and reports
Inspiring aboriginal youth in their native languages
(courtesy USAY)
In the most recent Canadian census, some 213,490 people claimed an aboriginal language as their mother tongue.  The figures from 2011 show that’s down by about 3,620 people, or 1.7 per cent, since 2006, Statistics Canada said.
Many people are now trying to ensure the survival of the remaining approximately 60 aboriginal languages in Canada, some of which only have a few speakers left.

The only way to ensure the survival of a language is to get young people speaking it. This is not always easy in a world where it’s not easy to explain the relevance and usefulness of learning an aboriginal language, in a country where English and French are the dominant languages

Now a group in Calgary is trying a novel approach to interest aboriginal youth in their language, in fact a graphic novel approach.
Veterans, families appalled by lack of support for Canada's war veterans
(Photo CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld)
Just days before the Remembrance Day ceremonies of November 11, war veterans and their supporters criticized the Canadian government for its lack of real support for veterans.

During a press conference in Ottawa, on Thursday (Nov 8), politicians, advocacy spokespersons, and family members voiced their frustration. At the centre of the outrage, the way recent veterans from service in Afghanistan and elsewhere are not being given the support veterans of previous wars were given; veterans such as those of the Second World War. And among their concerns, a lump sum payment to disabled veterans, as opposed to continuing support throughout their lives.

The government cutback of services comes at the same time as the Canadian government is using more military symbols and emphasizing Canada's military history.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda spoke to Michael L. Blais. A former soldier, he is now Founder and President of the Canadian Veterans Advocacy, a not for profit organization working to improve the quality of life for Canadian war veterans.
Kermodei Bear in Kamloops
Photo courtesy of CBC
Clover is a rare bear and he's getting a lot of attention.  Rescued twice, once after his mother was killed, he spent last winter in rehabilitation at the Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter near Smithers British Columbia.  He got nourished and rested and by July 2012 he was ready to go back to his area in the wild. Rescued again in October, he's now settling into the B. C. Wildlife Park in Kamloops, British Columbia. 

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Shades of Grey Babies in Windsor?
Courtesy of CBC
80 babies in 6 days! That’s a 30% increase over the average weekly birthrate at the Windsor Regional Hospital. And CEO, David Musyj suggests the adult romance trilogy, Shades of Grey, may be the reason. [...]
Proximity charging for electric vehicles
(UBC- you tube)
Sometimes the best ideas are the least complicated. With electric cars there has been a concern over the need to connect heavy plugs into sockets in sometimes cramped space, and in bad weather. [...]
RIDM film festival - documentaries from Canada and around the world
The Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal (Montreal International Documentary Festival) was founded in 1998 to showcase documentary films and filmmakers. [...]
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