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Episode date 5 November 2012
Interviews and reports
Afghanistan stories
(photo Cpl James Hudson)
We are fast approaching Remembrance Day in Canada, November 11th,  when Canadians pause to remember the sacrifices of our military personnel who in various wars, peacekeeping, and even peacetime duty, have lost their lives in service to our country.

Remembering this sacrifice and service is an important duty for Canadians, as a way to thank our military personnel for enabling us to enjoy the freedoms we have today.

In a similar vein,   Lt (N) Melanie Graham (retired) has co-initiated another project of remembrance.  In an effort to preserve the memories of Canada’s long participation in helping to liberate Afghanistan from the Taliban, she and other volunteers have begun to collect the stories of personnel who served in that country.

These are the personal stories of soldiers of course but also those of the civilian staff, and reporters who spent some time in that far-off country.

RCI’s Marc Montgomery spoke to her at her home in Vancouver, British Columbia
Crime prevention central to crime policy worldwide
International Centre for the Prevention of Crime
"Crime prevention is becoming one of the central tenets in crime policy," is one of the conclusions of a report just released by the  Montreal-based International Centre for the Prevention of Crime (ICPC).

Titled "Crime Prevention and Community Safety" the report focusses on the importance of crime prevention in human trafficking, informal settlements, post-conflict and post-disaster areas, drug production in developed countries and safety in cities.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda spoke to ICPA's Rolando Ochoa, the editor of the report.
Salvador Dali Treasure Revealed in Montreal
Section of the recently restored scrim by Salvador Dali
A large work by Salvador Dali was unveiled in a Montreal theatre today.  A magnificent scrim the artist painted, while in exile in New York City in the 1940’s, was revealed for the first time to the media.  Salvador Dali painted the backdrop for his ballet, Mad Tristan, based on the story of Tristan and Isolde.  The scrim had not been seen for over 60 years.
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And the Ruby Slippers go to…
Photo courtesy of CBC
There are 3 contestants remaining in the reality TV show called “Over the Rainbow.� Tonight’s the night the new Dorothy will be chosen. [...]
Canada's PM Stephen Harper starts six day visit to India at Taj Majal
Photo CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick
Prime Minister Stephen Harper visited the Taj Mahal in Agra at the beginning of a six-day official visit to India. [...]
Canada's biggest quake, little damage but unusual side effects
(D.Kendrick/Parks Canada)
It was the biggest earthquake to hit Canada in 60 years. The quake in the Pacific last week was centred off the coast of Haidi Gwaii and registered 7.7 on the Richter scale. Fortunately there were no injuries and little damage. [...]
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