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Episode date 4 November 2012
Arts-Culture #19 (Sunday Nov 04, 2012) Ottawa singer-songwriter Russell Kelley
On this edition # 19, my conversation with Russell Kelley. Originally from Montreal, he spent many years in the maritimes, before settling in the nation's capital, Ottawa.
Early in his career, he has some good success, until a recording session where he forced his vocal chords and damaged them severely. HIs singing career finished (or so he thought) he ended up working in public life with provincial and then national organizations providing grants and support to musicians and artists. Years later, his voice came back and he's been working on a new album.  I hope you'll enjoy listening to Russ Kelley and one of his songs from the forthcoming album.

(info plus songs from forthcoming album)

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Artists and Climate Change Get Advertising Space
The work of Hip Hop recording artist, SHAD
Commuters in Toronto, will be challenged by images and statements, from two Canadian artists, intended as food for thought.  It is part of an initiative called “Ship of Fools:  Artists and Climate Change.”  The partnership of the Cape Farewell Foundation and the Pattison Onestop Media Group is providing content for digital space and time on billboards in Toronto’s subway system, on the busy Gardiner Expressway and on the streets of the Financial district in the heart of the city. 
The multi-screen project will be up and running from November 5th to 18th, 2012.  Carmel Kilkenny spoke with award-winning novelist, Heather O’Neill,  and Juno award-winning Hip Hop star, SHAD, to find out more about how and why they got involved, and their artistic contributions:
Politics Today November 4, 2012

On this edition of "Politics Today" RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda focussed on the Canadian government's omnibus bill, and the Official Opposition interactive Halloween web response to it. He also discussed the continuing debate over foreign ownership in Canada, the leadership issue in the ruling Liberal party of Canada's most populous province of Ontario, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's trip to India, the Phillipines and Hong Kong, and an advocacy group's campaign to get the government to make Canadians and Canadian companies who use tax havens pay their fair share of taxes.
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