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Episode date 29 November 2012
Interviews and reports
Closing in on sharing pirated films and music
(Tobias Schwarz/Reuters)
Even as an United Nations gathering discusses questions of tightening state controls on the internet, another kind of internet control battle is going on. Music and film producers are trying to crack down on peer-to-peer file sharing, or pirated copies of motion pictures, videos and music.

Music and film companies, the holders of copyrights, are increasingly becoming concerned about illegal file sharing of their works, and loss of revenue.  They are hiring companies to perform something called “copyright trolling”, that is tracking who has illegally shared and downloaded their products.

The forensic software company, Canadian Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement is one such company. CANIPRE is hired by copyright holders to track illegal sharing and provide information  They claim to have files on a million Canadians who have downloaded pirated movies or music. Adding that  a recent court decision forcing Internet providers to release subscriber names and details is only the first step in a bid to crack down on illegal downloads.
Canada's Liberal Party, searching for a new identity and a new leader
(Photo CANADIAN PRESS/Fred Chartrand)
Canada's opposition Liberal Party is facing a major challenge as it prepares for a leadership convention in April, 2013.

It is a party which for most of Canada's history has been in power. In recent years it has found itself as the Official Opposition. Since the May 2011 election of a majority Conservative government led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, it has been relegated to third party status, with the social democratic NDP now the Official Opposition.

The party knows it needs a renewal in the party to win back Canadian voters. And it needs to carve out a position between the Conservatives and the NDP.  A new leader may be part of that renewal and new identity.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda has this report.
The Truth or Consequences for Toronto's Elephants
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Inquiry into corruption in Quebec construction industry wraps up until January 21
(Photo CANADIAN PRESS/Ryan Remiorz)
After weeks of explosive testimony, the Charbonneau Commission into corruption in the construction industry of the province of Quebec has suspended testimony until January 21. [...]
Leonard Cohen’s Homecoming
Photo CP/Chris Young
He stepped onstage to a standing ovation and it just got better from there. In the first of two nights at Montreal’s Bell Centre Leonard Cohen was back where it all began for him, in the place his lyrics often describe. [...]
Canadians want a break, others want more money
(Craig Rubadoux/Associated Press)
An international survey released Wednesday show Canadian workers would prefer to have an added week of paid vacation over an increase in pay. Over 10,000 workers in 10 markets were surveyed on which additional benefits they preferred. [...]
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