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Episode date 28 November 2012
Interviews and reports
United Nations report on implications of warming permafrost
(photo: Vladimir Romanovsky- UNEP)
A recently released report by the United Nations Environment Programme, says permafrost around the circumpolar region is melting rapidly.

The report says there is a strong potential for eons of stored C02 and methane to be released, but that more research is needed to determine what the affect could be on global warming. 

The report, called Policy Implications of Warming Permafrost, warns that, as permafrost thaws, it will spew more climate-warming greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, which, in turn, will increase global warming even more.  This is known as a feedback loop.
Chilean indigenous people, video, and a Canadian researcher
(Photo by Ariella Orbach)
When Ariella Orbach graduated with a Master's degree in Rural Planning and Development from Canada's University of Guelph she looked for another way of dealing with development issues.

A chance meeting with the director of a Chilean non-governmental organization led to a decision to work with indigenous people in Chile - the Mapuche and to found the Strategic Video Initiative project.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda talked to Ariella Orbach about the project.
Nuclear Power Debate Grows in an old Toronto Neighbourhood
Pickering Nuclear Power Station on the shore of Lake Ontario
Nuclear power plays a major role in providing the Greater Toronto Area with the electricity it needs.  Last month, a link in the supply chain to that power, was put in the spotlight.  Now a debate of the many issues involved in nuclear power has erupted. 

American company GE-Hitachi, operates a facility that is one of the processing points for the uranium that powers the Pickering Nuclear Station.  The company has been doing this for 50 years, in a central neighborhood that was a mix of industrial and residential buildings for almost a hundred years.  Several of the former industries have closed down, making way for more residential construction.  But when residents were informed about what was happening on the other side of this chain-link fence, many were stunned. 

There have been a series of community meetings in recent weeks with efforts on both sides to explain and understand. 
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Google Canada launches street view imagery of Canadian Arctic community of Cambridge Bay
Google Image
Similar to its street views in cities around the world, Google Canada today (Nov 28) launched a street view of Cambridge Bay in Canada's Arctic territory of Nunavut. [...]
Fall auctions of fine Canadian paintings exceed expectations
(Courtesy Joyner- Waddingtons)
Earlier this month on the arts column, we looked at the amazing amount of exceptional Canadian paintings that were coming up for auction. The sales at major auction houses are complete, with some real surprises. [...]
Former Astronaut in Liberal Leadership Race
Photo CP/Paul Chiasson
Marc Garneau logged 644 hours in space. Now he is going up against Justin Trudeau, the son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, in the race to be leader of the federal Liberal Party. HeĆ¢€™s entering a crowded field with 12 declared candidates, so far. [...]
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