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Episode date 25 November 2012
Arts-Culture #22 (Sun Nov 25, 2012) Theatre Passe Muraille: 501 Toronto in Transit
(Robert Taylor)
This week on our spotlight on arts and culture in Canada, we hear about an ambitious and interesting multi-discipline stage presentation. Its being presented next week at the Theatre Passe Muraille "backstage" in Toronto.  The production is called  501- Toronto in Transit, and it's based on vignettes of life and impressions of the city as people get on and off the Queen Street trolley, or streetcar as its known in the city.  The Queen car- route 501, is the longest continuous city trolley line in the world, at 25 km long.  The line travels through a very diverse sections of the city on its route with an intesting collection of passengers every day.

I speak to co-creator and performer in the presentation, Donna-Michelle St. Bernard.

(theme: Marc Montgomery)
Obesity gene helps protect against depression, scientists find
Researchers at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont., have found an unexpected link between obesity and depression. An obesity gene called FTO (Fat Mass and Obesity Associated Gene) actually helps protect people against depression.

“The obesity predisposing mutation is not associated with an increased risk of depression, but protects from it. We were really surprised”, says David Meyre, an associate professor in clinical epidemiology and biostatistics at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ont. and a Canada Research Chair in genetic epidemiology.

“We can say that this gene (FTO) is not only an obesity gene, but a happiness gene, as well”, says Meyre.
Politics Today November 25, 2012

On this edition of "Politics Today" RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda focussed on how government Members of Parliament attacked the opposition Liberal party and two of its MPs for making what the government called anti-Alberta comments. The resource rich prairie province of Alberta is the source of much of the ruling Conservative party's electoral strength. Wojtek also talked about opposition attacks on Prime Minister Stephen Harper for not participating at a first ministers meeting of provincial and territorial leaders. And Wojtek also discussed the decision by the newly elected (Sept 4) Parti Québécois government in the province of Quebec to present its first budget this past week, and the reaction of the opposition.
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