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Episode date 19 November 2012
Interviews and reports
Where does the best bottled water in the world come from?
(eau Matelo)
As sales of bottled water grow around the world, most brands make claims that their water is the best, the freshest, the cleanest and so on.  These are almost universally spring waters, or drawn from the water table underground, or occasionally from glacial runoff, However, some companies do simply bottle water available from the municipal water supply.

With the huge increase in bottle water sales, also comes connaisseurs, and with that, international taste test competitions. 

This year an international jury of 9 experts gathered in Barcelona, at the annual Global Bottled Water Congress.  They tested 75 samples from 19 countries, including for example, Spain, Chili, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, and Canada.

So to answer the original question, the best water comes from Canada, but not from a spring, rather …..from trees ! And to be more specific, sugar maple trees.
Canada’s ice road to diamonds
Fully loaded trucks travel at 25 km/h and have to keep a distance of 500m between each other. Levon Sevunts
SOMBA K’E/YELLOWKNIFE – A late March blizzard has finished blowing over much of Canada’s Northwest Territories and Ron Near’s job just got more interesting.

A retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer, Near is in charge of the world’s longest ice road that connects Yellowknife, the territorial capital, to three diamond mines: Ekati, Diavik and Snap Lake.

The Tibbit to Contwoyto Winter Road – named after the first and the last lakes on the ice road – is a joint venture between BHP Billiton, which owns the Ekati Mine, the Diavik Diamond Mines Inc., which manages the Diavik mine, and DeBeers, which owns the Snap Lake Mine.
World Toilet Day - Billions without a clean toilet
More than 2.5 billion people around the world don't have access to a toilet - and today (Nov 19) on World Toilet Day organizations around the world mark the impact of this lack of facilities on people, nations and economies .

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda talked to Lotika Shaunik Paintal about this world-wide challenge. She is co-founder and co-director of WASH Canada which works for safe drinking water and sanitation in the developing world.
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Canada's Justin Bieber big winner at American Music Awards
(Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)
Canada's Justin Bieber scored three major awards at the American Music Awards on Sunday, November 18. On his Twitter account the 18-year-old wrote: "loss for words tonight. Like i said as long as you BELIEVE in me i will always try to make you proud. THank you. [...]
Province "regrets" hanging aboriginals in 1869
(CBC image)
The British Columbia government has formally expressed regret over two hangings in 1869. [...]
PEI Fisherman on the cover of Beijing newspaper
Photo courtesy of CBC
How did the bearded-fisherman from Prince Edward Island make it to the front page of one of Beijing’s newspapers? It began when he agreed to go on a trade mission. [...]
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