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Episode date 18 November 2012
Politics Today November 18, 2012

On this edition of “Politics Today”, RCI's Gilda Salomone focuses on the infrastructure woes of Canada’s big cities. Last Thursday, big city mayors said they need billions of dollars from Ottawa and a 20-year plan to fix the country's crumbling roads and sewer systems. They also promised to match the federal government's contribution with their own funding. We talked with Brock Carlton, Chief Executive Officer of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, about the country’s aging infrastructures.
Arts-Culture #21 (Sun Nov 18, 2012) Fall auction of fine Canadian paintings
(courtesy Joyner-Waddingtons)
This week, a look at fine Canadian paintings.  This fall season, there seems to be a multitude of superb Canadian paintings coming up for auction.  Starting next week, at several major auction houses in Canada, a number of works by renowned Canadian artists will be auctioned. These include several works by such artists as Emily Carr, Tom Thomson, A.Y. Jackson, Franklin Carmichael, Marc-Aurele Fortin, Varley, Harris, Pilot, Kurelek, Kreighoff and many many more.

To find out more about this years amazing sale, I spoke to Mr. Geoffrey Joyner. He is the senior specialist in Canadian fine art at Joyner-Waddingtons in Toronto Ontario

I hope you will enjoy our conversation about the sale, the value and quality of Canadian paintings, and why in some cases, Canadian artists are not as well known internationally as they might be.

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