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Episode date 15 November 2012
Interviews and reports
Canadian sports milestone: 100th Grey Cup November 25th
Canadian Press

Canada’s biggest city is set to host Canada’s biggest party this month.  Toronto is the scene for the Canadian Football League’s season-ending matchup and party as the two final teams battle for the coveted Grey Cup trophy.

This year however the party and excitement are going to be bigger than ever as the CFL Grey Cup Championship celebrates its 100th anniversary.  A huge festival of events has been organized to celebrate the game and this special anniversary with the theme “Invitation To Our Nation”.
Ontario fights to prevent the return of cheaper generic version of painkiller
AP Photo/Toby Talbot
Ontario’s Health Minister, Deb Matthews, wants the painkiller known as OyxContin out of the pharmacies and streets of her province. The drug has been severely abused and has caused what many call an epidemic in Canada.

The patent of OxyContin, known by the non-brand name oxycodone, is about to expire, and drug companies would like to produce a generic version of the opiate.

But Matthews has heard way too many devastating stories about the power of the drug and the impact it has on people and their families.
Montreal Digital Festival
The Future Unknown
It began with a ‘Web-In’, then there was two days of the ‘Montreal International Games Summit’ and on this final day, it was all about ‘Mobiz’; that’s the mobile business.  The Montreal Digital Festival is intended for professionals from around the world and 1700 of them came to this 8th annual event. There are displays of the latest in all these technologies and 80 keynote speakers sharing their expertise, even as the theme of the gathering is ‘The Future Unknown’.
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Canadian takes part in analogue Mars experiment
courtesy S Engler
A Canadian graduate researcher at the University of Calgary has been chosen over 700 other candidates to take part in a highly specialized space research project in Hawaii The 120 day project is called an “analogue Mars mission�. [...]
Scientists use brain scan to communicate with Canadian in ‘vegetative state’
Courtesy CBC
A man who suffered a severe brain injury 12 years ago and had no apparent sign of awareness was able to communicate with researchers in London, Ont., through a specialized brain scanner. [...]
Montreal family gets rid of debt by embracing '100 Thing Challenge'
A Montreal family of four has found an unusual, yet effective method for getting out of debt. They have decided to pare their possessions down to only 100 items each. [...]
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