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Episode date 14 November 2012
Interviews and reports
Toxic chemicals in men's grooming products
(courtesy Environmental Defence)
November is a month in which thousands of men around the world raise awareness for men’s health issues.  Sponsored by family and friends, they grow moustaches for what has become known as Movember, and then shave them off with the funds raised going toward research into such things as protate cancer.

In recent years, men’s personal care products have become increasingly popular, from specialized shampoos, deodorants, hair gel and dye, to shaving creams and after-shave.  While their shaving gear has been temporarily set aside for “Movember”,  a group called Environmental Defence commissioned lab tests of men’s care products, including aftershave, deodorant, shampoo and others. Some 17 different products were tested, and results showed they often contained toxic chemicals which are linked to cancer, sperm damage, asthma and other chronic health concerns.The report is called "The Manscape: The Dirt on Toxic Ingredients in Men's Body Care Products (access through their website)
Ontario wineries develop new drying technique to produce premium reds
Rennie Winery
Canadian icewine is known all over the world. But soon a new type of full bodied, complex wine will also be competing for notoriety worldwide. Two wineries in the Niagara region are developing a new drying room facility that will produce superior fruit for appassimento-style wine.

The drying process has been used traditionally in Italy for more than a century to produce Amarone wines. Besides producing premium vintages, it also lessens the risk of various production pitfalls, such as poor climatic conditions or the growth of mold.

“This technique has proven, over the years in Italy ... that you can intensify the flavours”, says Graham Rennie, owner of Rennie Estate Winery.

The drying room is being developed by Rennie Estate Winery and Angels Gate Winery, in partnership with Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. When ready, it will be temperature controlled and will optimally manage humidity and air flow.

Gilda Salomone spoke with Graham Rennie, owner of Rennie Estate Winery.
The Pursuit of Perfection: A Life of Celia Franca, by Carol Bishop-Gwyn
In 1951 Celia Franca arrived in Toronto from London, England, responding to the invitation to establish a major ballet company.
At this time of year, plans are being made and tickets bought for the holiday ritual of The Nutcracker. This ballet can be the inspiration for a life of dance.  But at the beginning of Canada’s Centennial year, 1967, the Vancouver debut of Celia Franca’s version with the National Ballet, was in jeopardy. The dancers flew from Toronto where they’d just closed the show on December 31st.  The sets and costumes were on a freight car that had been sidelined as it crossed the country.  ‘Unwilling to accept the situation as hopeless, Celia had phoned the only person in Canada with the power to save the situation by sending out an air force plane on a rescue mission.’  Paul Hellyer, then Canada’s Minister of Defence, agreed to Mission National Ballet, and a Hercules plane was dispatched from Cold Lake, Alberta.  Any other form of transportation would not have gotten all the necessary props and costumes to Vancouver on time.  On January 4th the curtain went up in the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, to a full performance of The Nutcracker.  Celia Franca was never afraid to ask!
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Montreal family gets rid of debt by embracing '100 Thing Challenge'
A Montreal family of four has found an unusual, yet effective method for getting out of debt. They have decided to pare their possessions down to only 100 items each. [...]
Moose Collisions  Decreasing
More than 1,500 accidents involving vehicles and animals in Northern Ontario in 2011.
In northeastern Ontario, road accidents involving vehicles and animals have decreased. Ontario Provincial Police say in 2011 there were 1,500 collisions; that’s down by 300 this year. [...]
Inspiration and hope for all of us!
(CBC vid grab)
In Canada's west coast province of British Columbia, in Kamloops, a small city of about 90-thousand souls, there lives a special man. He's a Guiness record holder. His title is the "oldest active curler in the world". Now, across Canada, curling is a popular winter sport. [...]
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