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Episode date 12 November 2012
Interviews and reports
Bringing to light a forgotten history of WWII
McGill Archives, PR001371
For years, during WWII, one of the staff members at McGill University was tasked with documenting all wartime activities of the alumni, students, faculty and staff in the war effort.  Robert Collier Fetherstonhaugh was associated with the McGill News for many years before taking on the collection of data on McGill’s wartime presence. In 1947 he published a book called McGill University at War, 1914-1918; 1939-1945.

Mr Fetherstonhaugh was diligent in his efforts collecting newspaper clippings, and any photos, relics, and follow-up information from families of military men connected with the university.  Upon his death in 1949, the massive collection was carefully packed and put away into storage where it lay untouched for many decades.

Mr. Wes Cross is the present day manager of Finance and Systems at McGill, and a leading member of the team that has brought this material back into the public eye.

Canada moving from 'target' to ‘host’ of organized cyber-crime, Ottawa fears
Confidential briefing notes from the Public Safety Department reveal that Canada may be moving from being mostly a 'target' of organized cyber-crime coming from other countries, to a 'host' of cyber-crime activities.

"[Malicious cyber-activities] may be shifting to more developed countries such as Canada, the U.S. and France — countries with good reputations," say the notes, obtained by The Canadian Press under the Access to Information Act.

But according to David Skillicorn, professor in the School of Computing at Queen’s University, in Kingston, attribution in cyber security, or figuring out who is actually responsible for something, is difficult to determine, “because there are no borders in cyberspace”.

RCI’s Gilda Salomone spoke with professor Skillicorn about the spread of cybercriminal activity in Canada.
China’s Congress on Bethune’s Anniversary
Visitors watch a huge electronic screen in Tiananmen Square during the 18th Communist Party Congress in Beijing Monday, Nov. 12, 2012
An evolution is underway in China these days.  It’s known there, as the “18th Big”; more formally in english, as the 18th National Communist Party Congress.  In Beijing, 2,270 delegates are in attendance to observe the transition. Hu Jintao’s ten-year reign as president is coming to an end and Xi Jinping is the man expected to be announced on Thursday as the new general secretary of the party, and then President in March 2013.  It is also expected that Li Keqiang will join him as Premier, replacing Wen Jiabao.

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High levels of contamination found in Canadian hotels rooms
CBC's Marketplace
A test led by CBC’s investigative consumer program Marketplace shows high levels of contamination in hotel rooms across the country. [...]
Autumn Storm
Photo courtesy CBC/Darren Bernhardt
It’s over a month until winter officially begins but on the Canadian prairies it has already hit hard. In the province of Manitoba, the first storm of the season blanketed the largest city of Winnipeg with 27 centimetres of snow over the weekend. [...]
Masked Superhero on the streets of Windsor Ontario
There’s a masked man walking the streets of Windsor Ontario. But have no fear, he’s there trying to do good and help his fellow man. By day he’s an average family guy with 2 children and a 9 to 5 job. [...]
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