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Episode date 2 November 2012
Interviews and reports
Celebrating Immigration Experience in Vancouver
Untold Stories Exhibit at the Vancouver Museum, honoring 40th anniversary of the Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia
For 40 years now, the Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia has been helping people new to Canada begin to settle in their new home.  During that time they’ve organized photo exhibits, the first was called “The Changing Face of Vancouver” the second, explored “The Changing Face of British Columbia.”  Now, there is an exhibit at the Museum of Vancouver, in celebration of four decades of growth and success.  Carmel Kilkenny spoke with Lily Lim, Communication Manager and Division Manager of Career Services at the ISSBC.  
Greek protests, a Canadian mining company, and violent reactions
(AP Photo / Alexandros Michailidis)
Last month, Greek police clashed with demonstrators protesting a gold mining project of a subsidiary of the Canadian company Eldorado. Earlier this summer cutting down of trees was temporarily suspended by a court order in Halkidiki, Greece. The proposed Skouries gold mining project in northern Greece is run by Hellas Gold S.A. a 95% owned subsidiary of Eldorado. Protests against the gold mining have been going on for years.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda spoke with Jennifer Moore of the group Mining Watch about the situation in Greece and Canadian mining companies' activities worldwide. Mining Watch works with environmentalists, aboriginal groups and others. Moore is the Latin American Coordinator for Mining Watch.
Eye on the Arctic – The Digital Divide in the North
Photo courtesy Rachael Petersen
The plans of a Canadian company to build a fibre-optic network stretching from Asia to Europe through the Northwest Passage has been making headlines in Canada this week.

Currently, in places like Canada’s eastern Arctic territory of Nunavut, internet service is provided by satellites. Bandwidth is limited and costs are high.

Arctic Fibre Inc.’s 15,000 kilometre project has been heavily discussed on social media for the improved service it would be able to provide some of Canada’s Arctic communities.
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Found: proverbial needle in a (smelly) haystack
(Preston Mulligan/CBC)
Wow, talk about lucky…here’s a bit of a lighter story for a Friday. A woman in New Minas, Nova Scotia, took off her rings as she was cleaning out a pumpkin for Hallowe’en. [...]
‘Last Words’ on display in Toronto’s Financial District
From "Last Words" by Heather O'Neill, image by Jean Paul Kelly. It's one of 3 works to be displayed on digital billboards in Toronto's financial district.
The words are by award-winning novelist, Heather O’Neill; the image by artist, Jean Paul Kelly. This provocative combined effort will be appearing on outdoor digital billboards in Toronto’s financial district. [...]
Oops !
A federal government report released this week provides details on losses of equipment from government agencies. Equipment and material that was either stolen, lost, or damaged includes weapons, electronics, booze, cash, and vehicles. [...]
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