Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Radio Prague Today 11.7.2012

Articles posted today

Lower house approves government's crucial tax hikes

The Czech government on Wednesday won a vote of confidence in the lower house of Parliament which approved its tax legislation. In an unexpected turn of events, the senior coalition party, the Civic Democrats, found a solution to an inner-party conflict which threatened to topple the government: three Civic Democrat deputies who were opposed to the government's tax bills resigned as MPs, allowing the government to continue.

Requiem for Auschwitz – fighting prejudice, with choir and violin

Prague's Rudolfinum concert hall is one of Europe's most prestigious classical music venues – it kicks off the Prague Spring International Music Festival each year, among other things. Certainly its hallowed halls aren't open to just anyone. So an appearance at the weekend by an orchestra made up of Roma or gypsy musicians was a rare event.