Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Radio Prague Today 11.6.2012

Articles posted today

Journalist and writer Aleš Březina

Aleš Březina is a journalist, author and also editor and publisher of the Canadian-based Czech and Slovak bi-weekly newsletter "Satellite 1-416". Mr Březina was born in Prague in 1948 and left Czechoslovakia in 1980 after spending more than two years in jail as a conscientious objector, rejecting mandatory conscription in the army. Since then, he has lived in Canada and has just published a new book called "Řetěz Bláznů" – or Chain of Fools – filled with short stories written between the 1960s and early 1980s, reflecting on life in communist Czechoslovakia and the author's subsequent move to Canada. When I met up with him in Canada for this edition of One on One I asked him to recall his early years in Czechoslovakia.

Minister: revised budget worse option than VAT hike

Finance Minister Mirsolav Kalousek stirred the political waters considerably on Monday in presenting his revised draft state budget for 2013. The bill shocked many within both the government and the opposition by proposing billion crown cuts in high priority areas such as infrastructure and education.

Prague reassures Serbian foreign minister of continued support

The Czech and Serbian foreign ministers met in Prague on Monday, discussing Serbia's candidacy for EU accession and the two country's relations. The tensions over Czech Republic's recognition of Kosovo back in 2008 seemed to be a thing of the past. Serbia became an official candidate for EU accession in March of this year, and it is looking to strengthen ties with all of its European supporters.