Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Radio Prague Today 11.27.2012

Articles posted today

Uherské Hradiště - a fortress of culture

Spotlight this week comes from Uherské Hradiště, a charming picturesque town in south-east Moravia. Like so many places in this part of the world, Uherské Hradiště has a rich and complex history. As tour guide Lenka Kornelová explains, the town was established nearly eight centuries ago in reaction to the turbulent events of that time and the city actually gets its name - meaning "Hungarian Fortress" - from this period.

Court rejects opposition debate complaint but throws out community service for jobless

A skirmish in the battle over the fate of the right-of-centre government's extensive programme of reforms reached its final stage on Tuesday. The opposition took a case to the Constitutional Court saying that laws changing the country's health, social and pension systems had been pushed through in a manner that contravened their rights. In the end, the opposition saw that complaint rejected – but scored a partial success when community service for the jobless was overturned.

Former police chief pleads guilty to bribery charge

Former Prague City Police chief Vladimír Kotrouš appeared in court on Monday on corruption charges, roughly a year after he was caught red-handed with a suspected bribe. On Monday, he surprised many by admitting guilt. The case won't end there: the funds he admitted to taking are thought only to be the tip of the iceberg.