Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Radio Prague Today 11.14.2012

Articles posted today

After decades of devastation, finally some hope for historic Kyselka spa

At the turn of the 20th century, Lázně Kyselka, just outside Karlovy Vary in western Bohemia, was a fashionable spa resort. Today, it is a ruin on the verge of total collapse. Kyselka suffered decades of neglect followed by a chaotic privatisation of the 1990s that only brought more disregard for its historic value. But recently, at long last, new hope appeared for the derelict 19th century spa complex, after a deal was reached between the various owners of the premises to try and save it.

EU criticizes Czech Republic for inefficiently drawing funds

In a document outlining the future priorities for EU funding for the Czech Republic, the European Commission has criticized the influence of political changes on government administration. The report also takes a strong stand on the country's insufficient efforts to develop a more competitive economy.

Veto of film incentives ignores economic benefits, says producer Matthew Stillman

Czech President Václav Klaus this week vetoed a bill which would enhance state support for Czech filmmakers and increase tax incentives for foreign film productions. The president argued there was no reason why the film industry, a business like any other, should receive public funding. The bill may yet come into force, if the veto is overturned by MPs. For now, however, the industry cannot expect any public support in future. RP spoke to Matthew Stillman who is the head of Stillking Films, the country's largest production company for foreign movies. He says the uncertainty has already hit the industry.