Thursday, November 1, 2012

Radio Prague Today 11.1.2012

Articles posted today

Painting depicting murder of St. Vaclav sees light of day after 167 years

A painting depicting the most famous fratricide in Czech history – the murder of prince Vaclav by his own brother Boleslav in 935 has emerged to see the light of day after gathering dust in an attic for close to 170 years. In this edition of Panorama we look at why the monumental work spent so many decades hidden from the eyes of the world.

'Jack of all trades' Radek John stuns politicians, journalists with new job

Radek John, MP and head of the small opposition party Public Affairs, has announced a rather unusual career change; Mr John confirmed that as of today he was returning to his original profession of journalism, joining a large publishing house as head of current affairs. Nothing so strange about that you might think – except Mr John says he has no plans to resign as MP and party leader.

Construction supplier paves way for corruption-free business

Holcim Czech Republic, a major supplier of construction materials, has begun putting the logo of a non-profit organization Transparency International on its product packaging starting this week. The move is part of a slow, but important trend among Czech companies trying to make their employees and customers aware of their anti-corruption policies.