Saturday, November 10, 2012

Radio Prague Today 11.10.2012

Articles posted today

Alex Zucker: the challenge of making translations visible

We have featured plenty of contemporary Czech novelists in this programme over the last decade, but we should spare a thought for their translators, patiently working at home alone, struggling at a craft every bit as challenging as alchemy. In Czech Books this week, David Vaughan talks to a translator who has done more than any other to bring the middle and younger generation of Czech novelists to English-speaking readers.

Magazine 10.11.2012

A miniature copy of the wax heart made in remembrance of the late Vaclav Havel is to be donated to the Czech-American community in Chicago; a Czech police officer is caught smuggling turtles from Hong Kong to the Czech Republic and, somewhat unusual garden architecture with a Soviet armoured vehicle in the front line. Find out more in Magazine.

Neighbours in a foreign country: a new border divides villages in two

After the split of Czechoslovakia at the beginning of 1993, Radio Prague devoted several programmes to the impact of the new border on ordinary people's lives. For most, life stayed much the same, but the split did have a very real impact on people living close to the border, and on Czechs living in Slovakia or vice versa. Here is one Slovak student, settled in the Czech Republic, talking to Radio Prague a few months after the split: