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News 11.24.2012

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News Saturday, November 24th, 2012

By: Daniela Lazarova

* Nine people have been arrested in a police raid on the Hermanice
prison house in Ostrava.

* Ondrej Liska has been re-elected leader of the Green Party.

* The US Environmental Protection Agency has promised to assist the
Czech Republic in ascertaining the main sources of pollution in the
Ostrava region.

* Prime Minister Petr Necas has met with his Greek counterpart over the
espionage charges leveled against two Czechs in Greece.

* A mass has been held in Prague in memory of the English-born
Renaissance poetess Elizabeth Jan Weston.

Raid on Hermanice prison house

Nine people have been arrested in a police raid on the Hermanice prison
house in Ostrava. Officers have been searching the premises and
questioning employees since Friday night. The director of the prison
house said he was fully cooperating with the authorities but refused to
provide any details. According to the daily Pravo the raid is linked to
the suspect business activities of several prison guards who may have
assisted in scam practices at a nearby scrap metal yard where prisoners
from the jailhouse are employed. In view of the ongoing investigation
the police have not released any details on the case.

Ondrej Liska re-elected leader of the Green Party

Ondrej Liska was re-elected leader of the Green Party at the party's
weekend conference in the town of Ceska Trebova on Saturday. The
party's old-new leader clashed with his main rival for the post former
party head Martin Bursik over the party's direction. While Mr. Bursik
stressed that the Greens should fight to regain lost voters on the
right of the Czech political spectrum Ondrej Liska argued there were no
potential allies right of centre who would help implement the Green's
policy programme. He stressed the need to address the young generation
which is generally receptive to green issues and build up a strong
support base. The Greens were relegated to the sidelines of Czech
politics after failing to cross the 5 percent threshold needed to win
seats in the lower house in the 2010 general elections.

US Environmental Protection Agency to help deal with pollution in
Ostrava region

The US Environmental Protection Agency has promised to assist the Czech
Republic in ascertaining the main sources of pollution in the heavily
contaminated Ostrava region and offer advice on how to tackle the
problem effectively. American scientists are expected to visit the
region for a fact-finding study at the end of this and the beginning of
next year. A comprehensive study of this kind was last undertaken in
1995 but the situation has not improved since and air-pollution in the
region remains a serious problem that negatively affects people's
health. Doctors report a high incidence of allergies and asthma
directly linked to the smog situation that plagues the region's
inhabitants throughout the winter months.

Clean-up work continues at site of plane crash near Kolin

Clean-up work continues west of Kolin where a Czech-made L-159 fighter
jet crashed in a field on its way back to base from a training session
on Thursday evening. A defense ministry spokesperson confirmed on
Saturday that the plane's black box had been located and most of the
debris from the jet had been assembled and transported to the military
technical institute for inspection. Soldiers remain at the site of the
accident and are still combing it for small parts with the help of
metal detectors. The investigation which is to ascertain the cause of
the accident may take weeks.

Czech PM meets with Greek counterpart over case of two Czechs charged
with espionage

Prime Minister Petr Necas on Friday met with his Greek counterpart
Antonis Samaras to discuss the case of two Czechs who have been charged
with espionage in Greece. The Czech prime minister asked the Greek head
of government to devote particular attention to the case, saying it was
extremely unlikely that the two men, both software specialists, had
been involved in spying. The two Czechs were arrested while holidaying
in Greece after having taken photographs of military installations on
Lemnos Island. The men allegedly took the pictures to give a computer
game they were working on greater authenticity. If convicted to
espionage they would face prison sentences of up to 20 years.

Prague commemorates English-born Renaissance poetess Elizabeth Jane

A mass was held in Prague on Saturday in memory of the English-born
Renaissance poetess Elizabeth Jane Weston, who spent nearly all her
life in Prague and died 400 years ago. The mass took place at the
Church of St. Thomas where she is buried. Known as Virgo Angla (the
English Maiden) at the court of Rudolph II at the turn of the 16th and
17th centuries she was considered one of Europe's great poets.
Elizabeth Jane Weston wrote in Latin and a collection of her poems was
published in Czech in 2003.

Anna Netrebko charms Prague audience

The world-famous opera diva Anna Netrebko charmed Prague opera lovers
on Friday night with a concert performance of Tchaikovsky's lyrical
opera Jolanta. The Smetana Hall of Prague's Obecni dum was packed for
the event and Ms. Netrebko got a ten-minute standing ovation for her
first ever performance in the Czech Republic. The concert was billed as
one of the highlights of this year's music scene and was hopelessly
sold out months in advance.


The coming days are expected to be grey and overcast across most of the
Czech Republic with drizzle and day temperatures between 7 and 11
degrees Celsius.

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