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News 11.13.2012

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News Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

By: Ian Willoughby

* Speaking in Austria, Czech President Vaclav Klaus said on Tuesday
that his country would not give in to irrational fanaticism and would
continue to use nuclear power.

* A new government analysis has criticised the Czech state's efforts to
combat the illegal market in alcohol.

* A court in Usti nad Labem has handed four people jail terms for the
trafficking of people to the UK.

* Sixty-eight thousand new cases of diabetes were recorded in the Czech
Republic last year.

* The Czech Olympic javelin champion Barbora Spotakova has announced
that she is taking a career break to have a baby.

Klaus in Austria: Czechs will not give in to irrational opposition to
nuclear power

Speaking on the first day of a three-day state visit to neighbouring
Austria, the president of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus, said on
Tuesday that his country would not give in to irrational fanaticism and
would carry on using nuclear power. He said the Czech Republic would
continue with plans to extend the Temelin nuclear power plant in South
Bohemia, adding, however, that the Czech side had taken note of
Austria's objections to the plant and would ensure its safety. Mr.
Klaus made the comments after a meeting with his Austrian counterpart,
Heinz Fischer, who said that while the two states disagreed on some
issues they were still partners rather than opponents.

Government analysis: state agencies fell down in efforts to combat
illegal alcohol

A new government analysis has criticised the Czech state's efforts to
combat the illegal market in alcohol in the last two years. The report
- due to be discussed by the cabinet on Wednesday - says that state
bodies failed to carry out controls or to prosecute criminal activity
sufficiently. Moreover, there was poor communication between the
various agencies responsible. In September, the government banned the
sale of all spirits for nearly two weeks after a series of deaths
related to drinking bootleg liquor containing methanol; to date
thirty-three people have died and several more have suffered permanent
damage to their health.

Necas: Mullerova to be named minister of labour and social affairs

Ludmila Mullerova of the TOP 09 party will be named Czech minister of
labour and social affairs on Friday, Prime Minister Petr Necas told
reporters on Tuesday. She will replace her party colleague Jaromir
Drabek, who stepped down in September after his deputy minister, who
was a close associate, was charged with corruption. Ms. Mullerova
previously served as an advisor to Mr. Drabek. One issue facing the new
minister will be how to proceed with a planned card system of receipt
of social welfare payments, which has come in for much criticism.

Four get jail terms for trafficking of people to UK

A court in Usti nad Labem has handed four people jail terms of five to
nine and a half years for the trafficking of people to the United
Kingdom. The court heard how a man and woman in the north Bohemian town
enticed at least five people to the UK on the promise of work. The
judge said they had then "literally sold" their victims to two others,
who were convicted in absentia on Tuesday. The victims had most of
their salaries for working in a bakery near Birmingham withheld, were
forced to live in one room and received little food.

Husak dismissed as head of Czech police's security service

Vladislav Husak has been dismissed as head of the Czech police's
security service, a police representative said on Tuesday. Mr. Husak,
who in the past served as president of the country's police force, was
removed because the validity of his security clearance had run out. He
had applied for, but had not been granted, a new one. However, he will
remain in a different position in the police presidium.

Press: Diabetes rates in Czech Republic rising fast

Diabetes is becoming increasingly common in the Czech Republic, with
68,000 new diagnoses of the disease recorded last year, Pravo reported
on Tuesday. A specialist told the newspaper that while in 1975 230,000
Czechs suffered from diabetes, last year the number had reached a
record 825,000. Of that number around 55,000 have type 1 diabetes,
which requires treatment with insulin. Pravo said the treatment of
diabetes in the Czech Republic cost close to CZK 25 billion a year.

Booksellers: Czechs spent CZK 7 billion on books in 2011

Czechs spent CZK 7 billion crowns, or around $350 million, on books in
2011, according to a report by the country's booksellers' and
publishers' association released on Tuesday. In the first report of its
kind, the association said the average price of books sold last year
was CZK 240 crowns. Some 16,000 titles were published in the Czech
Republic, which was around 7 percent less than previous year, and 15
percent less than in 2008, when a higher VAT rate for books was
introduced. The report also says there are around 550 bookstores in the
country and some 50 specialized booksellers. One of the specific
features of the Czech market is the important role played by
wholesalers that run their own retail and online bookstores.

Final two rallies of season abandoned

The final two motor rallies of the season in the Czech Republic will
not now be held, a spokesperson for the body that oversees rallies in
the country said after a extraordinary meeting on Tuesday. The
announcement comes in the wake of an accident during the amateur
RallyShow Uhersky Brod last weekend in which four spectators - the
youngest of them six years of age - were killed when they were struck
by a car.

Olympic javelin champion Spotakova taking year out to have baby

The Czech Olympic javelin champion Barbora Spotakova has announced that
she is taking a career break due to pregnancy. Spotakova, who is 31,
said she would return to competition in time for the 2014 season. The
popular athlete took gold at the last two Olympics and also hold's the
women's world record in the javelin. At the weekend, she was named
Czech Athlete of the Year for the sixth time in a row.

Skyfall biggest Bond hit to date at Czech cinemas

The latest James Bond movie, Skyfall, has become the biggest film in
the series at the Czech box office. It has been seen by over 350,000
people in the country's cinemas since it opened at the end of last
month. The previous biggest Bond film at the country's box office was
2006's Casino Royale, which was seen by just over quarter of a million
viewers. Last weekend over three times as many tickets were sold for
Skyfall than for the second best-attended movie.


It should be cloudy with sunny spells in many parts of the Czech
Republic over the next couple of days. Temperatures are expected to
reach a maximum of 10 degrees Celsius.

Articles posted on www.radio.cz today

St. Martin in the Wall

I had never really been inside or had a proper look around, but I was
sure the small church of St Martin in the Wall would have an
interesting story, if for no other reason than its ancient appearance
and peculiar name. Just off the central Narodni trida is a classic
Prague alleyway that's tucked away from the shopping boulevard, neatly
dividing the centuries from one another, and there you'll find it. One
of the oldest churches in the city, St Martin in the Wall is one of
those relatively few landmarks whose story can transport you all the
way back through the ages to the beginnings of the Czech metropolis.


NATO Secretary General: in times of austerity, allies need to pool

The Czech Parliament has just been hosting an annual session of the
NATO Parliamentary Assembly, which serves as a consulting body to the
alliance. Much of the debate was devoted to the financing of the armed
forces at a time of economic austerity. So how can NATO's defence
capabilities be maintained when member states are cutting their defence
budgets? That's a question Czech Radio's Pavel Novak put to NATO
Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.


Students highlight segregation in education during Roma Week

This week, a group of university students is organizing a series of
events in Prague focused on the segregation of Roma children in Czech
schools and the media image of the country's Romani minority. Held in
cooperation with the human rights group AI, the Roma week reiterates
concerns about the continued education inequality that the
international community has been voicing for some time, and which is a
growing issue for young Czechs as well.


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