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Episode date 7 October 2012
Stop handouts to oil companies, urge young Canadians
(courtesy Power Shift)
The Canadian government gives fossil fuel companies 1.4 billion dollars in subsidies and tax breaks every year, say young activists. They call it a gross mismanagement of public funds and have launched a petition asking the government to stop “handouts to big polluters.”

The launch is a lead up to Power Shift 2012, a conference for youth between 18 and 30 years old who want to work for social, environmental and climate justice.

RCI’s Lynn Desjardins spoke with Daniel Cayley-Daoust, Public Education and Outreach Officer with the Polaris Institute, a co-organizer of the conference.
Arts-Culture #15- The Great Pumpkin Regatta
Next week the 14th of October will see the 14th annual holding of a race. .. very special race involving PVC,, no not that kind of PVC… but rather personal vegetable craft.

Now pumpkins are a very special vegetable in North America, a valuable and important source of food for the early pioneers through the long winters,, but also now something connected with Halloween.

A typical pumpkin weighs in at roughly 5-10kg.. But years ago in eastern Canada, a farmer began cross breeding pumpkins.. and now Windsor, Nova Scotia is probably where the whole world-wide phenonmenon of growing giant pumpkins began. In fact Howard Dill, patented the seeds for giant pumpkins which are sold around the world. How big are we talking about, well giant pumpkins can now be well over 600 kg.

But for those in the 200-300 kg range, far out of record contention, they still have a purpose…as racing boats.  They’re hollowed out, painted and decorated and paddled across the lake, about 800 metres in the annual Windsor Pumkin regatta.

Marc Montgomery speaks to regatta logistics coordinator Vanessa Roberts.



(Theme music: Terry Tufts)
Politics Today October 7, 2012

On this edition of "Politics Today" RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda focussed on a speech by Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird to the United Nations General Assembly criticizing the UN.

He examined some of the questions raised in the House of Commons about  the massive e. coli beef recall across Canada. 

And talked about the Official Opposition NDP attempt to shame government members of parliament who have been using their member statements in the House of Commons for reading partisan attacks prepared by the Prime Minister's office.
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