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Episode date 5 October 2012
Interviews and reports
Dumpster-diving to illustrate Canadian food waste
(screen shot captured from documentary)
RCI's Lynn Desjardins brought you a story about the extraordinary food waste in Canada yesterday. An expert explained about the $27 billion dollars worth of food that gets thrown out every year.

Two young Canadians went on a very personal quest to illustrate the issue and are now eating food that has been discarded. This forms the basis of a documentary they are making called "Just Eat It: a food waste story." Here is Lynn's conversation with director Grant Baldwin.
'The Hill Times' covering Ottawa parliamentary news for 23 years
Twenty four years ago, Jim Creskey, a journalist who wrote about politics in Ottawa wondered why there wasn't a Canadian equivalent of Washington's Roll Call that covers Capitol Hill.  With a fellow journalist he decided to start the weekly,The Hill Times, to report on Ottawa's Parliament Hill.

The first journalist they hired was Kate Malloy, and the paper started on October 5, 1989. Twenty-three years later, she's editing the newspaper and its on-line version.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda talked to The Hill Times co-founder and publisher Jim Creskey.
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Friends and family remember singer Raylene Rankin, the voice behind "Rise Again"
Family and friends gathered Thursday and Friday (Oct 4 and 5) to pay tribute to singer Raylene Rankin who died September 30 of cancer. The 52 year old was a member of the internationally acclaimed singing group The Rankin Family. [...]
Did they? Was it? Is it?
Two women in the northern region of the province of Quebec known as Nunavik, reported seeing something very unusual last weekend. They were out picking berries, when they spotted what they first thought was someone else in the distance also picking berries. [...]
Not a Christian prisoner? Too bad
The Canadian government is getting rid of non-Christian chaplains who tend inmates in federal prisons. If you happen to be a Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist or Jew in the pen you will have to seek solace from a Christian chaplain. [...]
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