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Episode date 4 October 2012
Interviews and reports
Canada's newest medical school hosts major international conference
Photo; NOSM
Hundreds of medical and health professionals from around the world are heading to northern Ontario.

Canada’s newest medical school, the first one created in the country in 30 years, is hosting a major health conference called Rendez-vous 2012.  Starting next week, some 850 delegates are expected from almost 50 countries.
They’ll be attending seminars and discussions on a wide range of health-care issues at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, a unique and innovative institution in itself, and one already considered a world leader in several areas. A special focus will be on health-care issues for remote locations.

To talk about both the school and the event, RCI’s Marc Montgomery contacted the Northern Ontario School of Medicine Dean, Dr. Roger Strasser, at the campus in Thunder Bay, Ontario
Canadians waste a lot of food
Canadians waste $27 billion worth of food every year according to a draft report by the Value Chain Management Centre. That’s the equivalent of 40 per cent of all the food produced in Canada. More than half of that waste happens at home. It may have to do with buying too many groceries, confusion about safe consumption and sell-by dates and the low cost of food.

“The food waste that occurs in Canada is largely a symptom of current processes and attitudes, primarily of abundance and affluence,” says the report.

To find out more about why Canada wastes so much food, RCI’s Lynn Desjardins contacted Sylvain Charlebois, a food distribution and policy researcher at the University of Guelph, Ontario.
Cooperative summits in Quebec City represent 800 million people
Whether it's an agricultural cooperative of farmers or a giant financial cooperative, 800 million people are members worldwide.

This weekend and through next week (Oct 6-11) thousands of delegates will attend two summits in Quebec City focussing on cooperation. Starting off with the Imagine 2012 summit on the economics of cooperation, and then the International Summit of Cooperatives, participants will share information and publicize the importance of cooperatives, in this UN International Year of Cooperatives.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda spoke about the summits with Suzanne Gendron, Vice-President, Executive Services to the CEO and Management Committee of the Desjardins Financial Group, whose overral assets are worth $200 billion.
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As massive E. coli beef recall continues, government funds for food safety to be cut
Photo CANADIAN PRESS/Jacques Boissinot
One of Canada’s biggest beef recalls continues, because of E. coli contamination at the XL Foods plant in the prairie province of Alberta. Thursday, October 4, the list of products recalled across Canada was expanded. More than 1500 products are involved. [...]
Canadian space berries
Ok, the title is just a tad misleading, but not by much. When Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield blasts off for his six-month mission aboard the International Space Station, he’ll be taking another reminder of Canada with him. [...]
Calabrian Mafia likes Canada, says Italian prosecutor
Canada may have become known as a place where Mob figures can hide. Italian prosecutorstold a joint Radio-Canada/Toronto Star investigation that “Canada is virgin territory for the ‘Ndrangheta (Calabrian Mafia). [...]
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