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Episode date 2 October 2012
Interviews and reports
Women born pre-term have more pregnancy risks
(Claude Paris/Associated Press)
Women who were themselves born premature are more likely to have major complications during their own pregnancies. A new Canadian study suggests obstetricians would do well to ask their pregnant patients about their own birth histories, particularly in view of the fact that more and more preemies survive in Canada.

RCI's Lynn Desjardins spoke with Dr. Anne-Monique Nuyt, a scientist and professor at the Universite de Montreal and co-author of the study.
Massive E. coli beef recall in Canada
(Photo CANADIAN PRESS/Larry MacDougal)
A massive beef recall in Canada, one of the country's largest, continues because of meat containing dangerous E.coli bacteria.

The federal government's Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) first responded to the detection of  E.coli on September 4, and took steps to ensure the safety of food produced by XL Foods Inc. in the western province of Alberta. But by September 26 found that "deficiencies" at the company had not been corrected. The CFIA then suspended the licence for the company to operate.

In the House of Commons on Tuesday (October 2) Members of Parliament of both the Official Opposition NDP party and the Liberal opposition party continued to demand answers from the government as CFIA expanded the recall.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda has this report:
Resident doctors and excessive work schedules.
There are strict limits on the working hours of professions like truck driver or airline pilots, the reasons naturally cited, are over safety concerns.

But somehow, resident doctors doing post-graduate work in hospitals in Canada are generally required to be on call for work anywhere from 12 to 24 hours at a time, or perhaps longer, while a work week can be anywhere from 50 up to 60 , 80 or even 100 hours a week, albeit rarely.

This puts enormous strain on the young doctors, and raises questions of safety both for the doctor and for their patients.

RCI's Marc Montgomery spoke to Dr Adam Kaufman, past president of the Canadian Association for Interns and Residents.
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Good Heavens Charlie Brown! It's the Great Pumpkin Race!
Courtesy of Dave Carmichael
Oh boy, doesn"t this look like fun! Coming up a little later this month, it’s the 14th Annual Pumpkin Regatta in Windsor, Nova Scotia. [...]
Montreal’s mayor denies corruption allegations
A former construction boss said companies working on city projects had to kick back three per cent of their value to the mayor’s political party. The mayor vehemently denies it. [...]
Vigils for murdered, disappeared Aboriginal women and girls
The 7th annual Sisters In Spirit Vigil will be held in Ottawa and 150 locations across Canada on October 4th. The annual event honours murdered and missing Aboriginal women and girls. [...]
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