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Episode date 19 October 2012
Interviews and reports
Eye on the Arctic – The Cape Dorset Print Collection
Galerie Elca London Ltée
The release of the Cape Dorset print collection has been an annual art event in Canada for over 50 years. On Friday, the 53rd edition of the collection was released in galleries across Canada.

The prints are produced by Inuit artists working in the Canadian North. Their depictions of everything from traditional hunting and Inuit legends to social problems and environmental concerns have given art collectors around the world a window into life in the Canadian Arctic.
More than 1400 parliamentarians from around the world gather in Canada
From more than 160 countries 1400 parliamentarians are coming to Quebec City for the 127th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU). From October 21 to 26, the delegates will be discussing a wide range of subjects under the theme of “challenges of citizenship, identity, and linguistic and cultural diversity in a globalized world."

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda spoke to Canadian Senator Donald H. Oliver, who is the President of the Canadian Group of the Inter-Parliamentary Union which is hosting the assembly.
New Director for McGill University’s Institute for Global Food Security
Professor Hugo Melgar-Quinonez, Director McGill Institute for Global Food Security
Professor Hugo Melgar-Quinonez satisfied his first ambition, becoming a doctor, only to discover a different calling in the study of hunger and child mortality.  Now, as the first Director of McGill’s Institute for Global Food Security, Professor Hugo Melgar-Quinonez has plans to put the institute on the map internationally by making it a magnet for research and action.  And he wants to engage students at McGill, interested in these issues, in their very first year.  Carmel Kilkenny spoke with Professor Melgar-Quinonez to find out more about his vision, and how his experience growing up in Guatemala, informs his work.

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First black Member of Parliament in Canada dies at 90
Courtesy of Government of Ontario
Lincoln Alexander lived a life of many “firsts�. Elected in 1968, he became the first black Cabinet Minister in Joe Clark’s brief government in 1979. The towering man known to many simply as “Linc� was born in Toronto in 1922 to parents from the West Indies. [...]
Citizen group calls for end of unjustified shutdowns of legislature
Democracy Watch
Democracy Watch, a non-profit citizens’ group advocating democratic reform has launched a letter writing and petition campaign to let Canadians voice their concern over what it calls “unjustified� shutdowns of legislatures. [...]
BIg disappointment for Arctic Winter Games 2016
(Arctic Winter Games 2012)
There's been a huge disappointment for a large number of northern athletes, from Canada and elsewhere recently. The Arctic Winter Games International Committee announced the city that won the bid to host the games was Nuuk, Greenland. [...]
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