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Episode date 18 October 2012
Interviews and reports
Creating an economy in the North: Can tourism save this town?
DELINE, Northwest Territories - If there's one thing Danny Gaudet likes to talk about, it's Deline.

This remote predominantly aboriginal community of 552 people sits on the southwest shore of Great Bear Lake in the Sathu region of Canada's Northwest Territories. It may not look like much at first glance, but Gaudet believes he can change that.

He talks about what life is like on the shores of Great Bear Lake, Canada's third largest lake after Lake Superior and Lake Huron in Ontario."The freshest water in the world," he says proudly "Our ancestors traditional hunting trails are all around it."

Revving his 4x4 through Deline's narrow, snow and ice-covered streets, Gaudet points out where the community's famous prophet Louie Ayah (1857-1940) lived. Renowned in the Sathu region for his predictions, he's seen as a holy man and is still quoted today by people in the community.
Canadian helps design record-breaking space suit
(from CBC site: Photo by: Herald Archive/Associated Press , AP)
Maybe it’s in his genes.  Shane Jacobs’ father and grandfather were both engineers, and now he is too.

In fact, Shane Jacobs’ engineering skills were much involved in one of the biggest media and scientific events in the past few years, that is, the free-fall leap from near space by Austrian Felix Baumgartner. 

Originally from Canada, he is now employed at the "David Clark Company" which builds sophisticated flight and astronaut suits.

As the "soft-goods" design manager, he was a leading member of the multi-discipline team that created the highly specialized “space suit” that Mr. Baumgartner wore in the Red Bull/Stratos record jump.

Born in Brampton, Ontario,  he grew up in Calgary, Alberta, and then studied mechanical engineering at McGill University in Montreal Quebec, before earning a PhD in aerospace engineering at the University of Maryland

RCI’s Marc Montgomery managed to catch him at his office at the aerospace company where he works in Worcester, Massachusetts
New omnibus budget bill condemned by opposition parties
(Photo CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld)
Canada's ruling Conservative government has unveiled a new omnibus budget bill. On Thursday, October 18, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty released Bill C-45 which not only affects budgetary issues but changes rules in numerous Canadian acts and codes.

Opposition parties were quick to condemn the government's second use this year of an omnibus bill to push through a whole host of legislative changes. Ominibus bills can be discussed by parliamentarians, amendments can be suggested, but only one vote can be held on the bill.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda has this report:
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Inter-Parliamentary Union assembly will focus on citizenship, identiy, and diversity
An international organization of parliaments will be holding its 127th assembly in Quebec City in the Canadian province of Quebec from October 21 to 26. The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) represents more than 150 national parliaments. [...]
They don't call them "wild" animals for nothing !
(Arlene Jongbloets/100 Mile House Free Press)
Ah you just have to love animal stories. And you have to wonder, is he confused, deviant, or, just likes ‘em big? A large bull elk near 100 Mile House in central British Columbia, has been seeking friendship with a herd of cattle on a nearby ranch in the past few months. [...]
Canada increases budget for cyber security
Canada's Public Safety Minister Vic Toews has announced an additional $155 million of funding towards cyber security. “Canadians and Canadian businesses want to know that the private information they entrust to government will stay private. [...]
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