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Episode date 15 October 2012
Interviews and reports
Canadian mom’s "strike" grabs headlines
Jessica Stilwell had enough. The 37-year-old social worker decided she was tired of cleaning up after her three daughters and so she stopped. Her “strike” garnered attention not only in her western city of Calgary but it made international headlines. A U.S. television talk show flew her to New York so she could tell her story on the air. Not everyone thought the strike was a good idea. RCI’s Lynn Desjardins looked at why Ms. Stilwell went on “strike” and some reaction.
Saving the historic lighthouses of Lake Superior
(Amy Hadley/CBC)
When you think of lighthouses, one almost always thinks of the sea. But the Great Lakes which form part of the Canada-US border are so huge as to be basically inland seas.  The biggest is Lake Superior, with a surface area of some 82-thousand square kilometers, which is almost the size of Ireland.

Along the shores of “Superior” and the other lakes are a series of lighthouses, which for generations, have been important guides and landmarks for sailors, of both commercial shipping and pleasure craft.

The Canadian federal government has decided that modern navigational systems, GPS, satellite, radar etc. have virtually eliminated the need for the lighthouses and can save money by closing them.. The government has decided to turn them over to local groups, or, if no local group develops an acceptable plan, either put them up for private sale, or simply dismantle them.

A non-profit group based in Thunder Bay, wants to preserve 10 of the “light stations” and keep them open to the public.
Marc Montgomery spoke to Paul Morralee, a documentary filmmaker, and member of the group.
Festival du nouveau cinéma and Claude Chamberlan's love affair with film
Started by two film fans, the Festival du nouveau cinéma (Festival of new cinema) is now in its 41st year. This year’s edition features 288 films from 52 countries.

The focus has always been to expand horizons, and show all kinds of films, particularly independent cinema and films lacking distribution or corporate sponsorship. Even so, the Montreal festival mixes films by cinematic masters and new and up and coming filmmakers. This year it started on October 11 and continues until Sunday, October 21.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda spoke to the Festival's co-founder and Director of Programming Claude Chamberlan.
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Great Pumpkins- regatta and record update
(CBC video)
Some 50 daring paddlers took to their gourds in the 14th annual pumpkin regatta this past weekend (see our Arts report #15) . The event in Windsor Nova Scotia has been attracting ever larger crowds to the big event. Windsor bills itself as the pumpkin capital of the world.
Why Canadian mom went on strike
A mother in western Canada went on strike last week to protest her children̢۪s refusal to do their chores. It made headlines across the country. Watch this site to find out why she did it and why there was such a fuss. (ld)
Leader speaks out on bullying
(CBC file photo)
The premier of a Canadian province has spoken out against bullying in a lengthy, live television interview. [...]
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