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Episode date 11 October 2012
Interviews and reports
A "lifeboat" to save woodland caribou in Alberta
(M. Scott Moon/Peninsula Clarion/AP Photo)
The herds of woodland caribou in the western province of Alberta, are in rapid decline.

A number of factors are involved, many related in various ways to human industrial activity, such as from the oil and gas industry. For example, an indirect reason is that trails made through the brush by exploration act as roadways for wolves to get closer and easier access to caribou.

The oil industy has been spending a great deal of money in efforts to protect the herds, but with no success.

A proposal that’s been slowly gaining interest to create an enormous fenced in pen, what’s being called a “lifeboat”.  This would give the caribou enough room to maintain a normal life, but keep the predators out.

Professor Stan Boutin with the University of Alberta biology department has been involved in the discussions. RCI’s Marc Montgomery reached him at his home in Edmonton.
Infanticide, abortion, violence against women compel author
(RCI/Er Shen)
The United Nations declared this October 11, 2012 the world's first International Day of the Girl Child. The UN states the day “serves to recognize girls as a population that faces difficult challenges, including gender violence, early marriage, child labor, and discrimination at work.” The day also comes two days after 14 year-old activist Malala Yousufzai was shot by a Taliban gunman in Pakistan for speaking out in favour of education for girls.

It is an appropriate time for the release of a new book which deals with female infanticide, sex selection through abortion, domestic violence and differences in the lives of women in Canada and India. The book is called “The Selector of Souls” and was written by Shauna Singh Baldwin. Ms Baldwin is an author of Canadian and Indian heritage who calls her work “diasporic fiction.” Some of her previous works have received prizes and been short-listed for Canada’s prestigious Giller Prize. RCI’s Lynn Desjardins spoke with her earlier this week.
Parliamentary Budget Officer vs Canadian Government
(Photo CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick)
Canada's Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) Kevin Page has a mandate to provide independent analysis to Canada's Senate and House of Commons about the state of the nation's finances and the estimates of the government. But his attempts to do his job are facing resistance from the government, including Cabinet Minister Tony Clement, the President of the Treasury Board, who says Page's latest requests for information are "outside" his mandate.

The Official Opposition NDP party wants the Budget Officer to have more independence to do his job, and not have to threaten to take the govenrment to court to get information.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda spoke to the NDP's finance critic Peggy Nash who held a press conference on Wednesday, October 11, to outline the Official Opposition's concerns.
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Videos force review of police officer's use of force
(YouTube screen capture)
A police officer has been taken off the streets of Montreal and given a desk job after a second video appeared calling into question her conduct. See the videos . [...]
Canada’s imports fall by 3.1 per cent in August
Statistics Canada
Canada’s imports fell by a surprising 3.1 per cent in August, prompting some analysts to suggest that it signals a “weakness in the domestic economy both in terms of soft consumption and weak business investment."[...]
Meat plant partially re-opens
The meat plant that was shut down for shipping beef tainted with e-coli is partially re-opening. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is saying things will be okay. Having second thoughts about that steak dinner? Mmmmm... hamburger?
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