Thursday, October 4, 2012

Radio Prague Today 10.4.2012

Articles posted today

Czech & Slovak Museum in Cedar Rapids: helping people learn the lessons of the past

The Czech & Slovak Museum & Library in Cedar Rapids, Iowa recently experienced the worst period in its 38-year-long history. Devastated by the 2008 floods the museum has fought long and hard to survive and continue to fulfil its mission –bearing testimony to the two small European nations' search for identity, human rights and freedom in the turbulent times of the 20th century. Thanks to generous donations from institutions and individuals the museum was able to reopen its doors to the public this summer. Its head Gail Naughton visited Radio Prague's studio recently to talk about what the institution had lost and gained by the 2008 floods and share her plans for the future.

Government's anti-corruption drive comes too close to home for comfort

The Czech government's anti-corruption drive has claimed another victim close to home: a member of the cabinet. Labour and Social Affairs Minister Jaromír Drábek on Wednesday announced his resignation from office not long after the police charged his first deputy with bribery. While the minister proclaimed his innocence and attempted to salvage his party's reputation by doing the "honorable thing", the information being released on the case is highly unsettling.

Study maps makeup of Czech household waste

Last month students from Vienna's University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences sank their gloved hands into piles of Czech garbage – specifically from the town of Jihlava and surrounding areas. The work was part of a project mapping household waste, including food items. I spoke to Professor Felicistas Schneider, who led her students in the study and found out for example that some Czechs triple-wrap food waste in thin baggies. But she began first by discussing the main aim of the project in connection with raising awareness and reducing food waste.