Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Radio Prague Today 10.3.2012

Articles posted today

From the For Toys fair to Deskohraní 2012

Last weekend saw the third annual For Toys fair held at Prague's Letňany featuring children's products. One of the focuses was highlighting creative and safe toys, from simple building block systems for toddlers to more complex games for kids. Teens also were included with the very latest in electronic consoles and interactive games.

End of the line for methadone bus

The Czech NGO Drop-In, which helps drug addicts fighting addiction, has cancelled a facility which had provided methadone for heroin users. The substance acts as a replacement for heroin, gradually reducing dependence. Drop-In had a centre on wheels – a bus – which provided the synthetic opiod for hundreds of users each day near Prague's main station. But the project, only a month old, was opposed by Czech Railways as well as holders of the station's lease.

Domestic violence costs state budget 1.3 billion crowns, new study finds

A new study by the Prague-based NGO proFem looks at the costs of domestic violence to the state budget. The authors of the survey took into account the costs of health care for victims of domestic violence as well as the expenses of the judiciary, law enforcement and social welfare systems, and found that domestic violence each year costs the state over 1.3 billion crowns. RP discussed the details with one of the authors of the study, sociologist Kamil Kunc.