Saturday, October 27, 2012

Radio Prague Today 10.27.2012

Articles posted today

No more borders for collies: changing canine lifestyles after '89

In the early 1990s it wasn't just political change that was on Radio Prague's agenda. In many ways the social changes under way at the time were just as radical. Dogs had always been popular in Czechoslovakia, and in 1992 - by which time I had been working at Radio Prague for about a year - I had a look at how life for dog owners and breeders was changing, starting in Kampa Park in Prague's ancient Lesser Quarter, where I persuaded a fox terrier owned by an enthusiastic old lady in a fur coat, to give me a sound effect. Here is an extract from that programme:

Remembering Geraldine Mucha: a Scottish composer in Prague whose work and spirit will live on

The death on October 12 of the Scottish composer Geraldine Mucha at the age of 95 marked the end of an era. Since the end of WWII, her home had been Prague, where she moved with her husband, the outstanding Czech writer, Jiří Mucha. It was here that much of her work was composed and performed, although it always bore an imprint of her native Scotland. Her father-in-law was the celebrated artist of Art Nouveau Paris, Alfons Mucha, and she did much to help to keep his work together. In this special programme, David Vaughan talks to Patricia Goodson, who knew Geraldine Mucha well.