Thursday, October 25, 2012

Radio Prague Today 10.25.2012

Articles posted today

The Black Dogs Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club – not your typical bikers' club

Most days, Aleksi Šedo is an experimental oncologist at Charles University's Faculty of Medicine. But when he meets with his brothers from the Black Dogs motorcycle club, Šedo no longer goes by his real name.

Government crisis impacts 2013 state budget

The lower house of Parliament on Wednesday returned a bill on the 2013 state budget to the finance minister for re-drafting after the cabinet was unable to win support for a package of proposed tax hikes, forcing it to abandon the original budget draft proposal. The finance minister has promised to re-submit the bill within 30 days, amidst growing uncertainty as to whether the government will manage to survive a confidence vote in the lower house next week.

Plzeň citizens campaign for referendum against 'gigantic' city centre mall

The city of Plzeň is perhaps best known for its iconic beer – the famous gates at the entrance to the brewery are the city's best-known landmark. But less than a kilometre away work has begun on another, rather more controversial building. Developers want to build a gigantic shopping centre in the city centre, and opponents are campaigning for a local referendum to stop it.