Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Radio Prague Today 10.17.2012

Articles posted today

Social Democrat MP Jan Hamáček: Communist Party's strong showing in regional elections should be a lesson to us

With talks underway on forming regional governments, the Social Democratic Party is still coming to terms with the fact that although it came first in last weekend's regional elections it is the Communist Party which is regarded as the real winner. The Social Democrats failed to defend their 2008 victory in all 13 regions, coming first in 9, while the Communists won in two and came hard on their heels in most of the others, giving them the chance to drive a hard bargain in regional administration. Radio Prague spoke to Social Democrats deputy Jan Hamáček about the reasons behind the Communist Party's strong showing and what it may signify for the future.

Sham Czech brides face prison sentences in UK

A court in Sheffield in the UK has heard the case of 19 people, including a group of Czech and Slovak women – who were part of a sham marriage ring. Between 2009 and 2011, the gang paid the sham brides to fly to Pakistan where fake marriages were arranged for them so that their husbands could apply for UK visas. The court has found guilty seven members of the gang; another 11 are awaiting the verdict while the two main organizers are on the run. RP discussed the case with UK-based Czech journalist Jan Jůn.

Former US secretaries of the treasury discuss Eurozone crisis and the US approach to it

The annual international conference USA and European Union Days, which took place in Prague earlier this month, focused this year among other issues on the recent European currency and budgetary crisis, as well as on the economic situation in the US. Czech Radio's Václav Sochor spoke to two former US secretaries of the treasury under the Clinton administration, Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers, about their views on the ongoing crisis in the Eurozone, and their country's approach to it.