Saturday, October 13, 2012

Radio Prague Today 10.13.2012

Articles posted today

Pavol Rankov: a Slovak novelist found by Czechs in translation

When the Slovak writer Pavol Rankov published his novel "It Happened on September the First (or Whenever)" in 2009, it came just after the Slovak national football team had beaten the Czech Republic. In an enthusiastic review, one Czech critic suggested that the same had now happened in literature and that the Rankov's literary achievement had put his Czech contemporaries to shame. When the author came to Prague earlier this week, David Vaughan took the opportunity to talk to him about a remarkable novel that speaks volumes about a part of the world that has seen too much history.

Foreign capital reaches post-revolution Czechoslovakia

With the fall of communism, it was not long before foreign investors began taking an interest in Czechoslovakia. This ranged from huge industrial multinationals to young college graduates, who arrived in Prague with backpacks in the early 1990s, and happened to spot a business opportunity. Many burned their fingers; some made a quick buck and disappeared, and others settled down and stayed here for good. In 1991, Radio Prague interviewed a few of these pioneering investors.

Magazine 13.10.2012

In Magazine: a street prostitute looking for clients unwittinglyy stops a police car, the Czech Pirate Party unveils a statue representing corruption, and Czech glass masters have produced a breath-taking life-size dress designed by Bianca Matragi.