Monday, October 1, 2012

Radio Prague Today 10.1.2012

Articles posted today

Sára Vondrášková, an invigorating new voice taking jazz in her own direction

The sultry voice of young Sara Vondrášková there in the song Lay Down, which has launched her from the cafes and clubs of Prague to the silver screen, as the title song for the new Czech film noir Ve Stínu. The jazz student's bewitching contralto and modern compositional sensibility is giving her some well earned prominence in the next generation of singer/songwriter/composers. Our guest in this edition of One on One, Sara Vondrášková tells us first of all how she's begun to move away from her home ground in jazz.

Sports News 1.10.2012

In Sports News this Monday: Slavia beat out-of-form Sparta in the 278th Prague derby; ex-Czech defender Martin Jiránek scores one of Europe's goals of the season so far, in the Russian league; Jaromír Jágr leads Kladno to their fifth Extraliga win in a row - and draws the crowds; and Tomáš Berdych advances to the second round in Tokyo.

President Klaus in shooting scare

It was to have been a routine bridge opening ceremony in the town of Chrastava, north of Prague with President Vaclav Klaus guest of honour at the event. As it turned out, an unexpected act of hooliganism gave the president a bad scare and revealed just how useless his bodyguards were in a crisis.