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News 10.27.2012

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News Saturday, October 27th, 2012

By: Jan Richter

* Most parts of the Czech Republic have been hit by heavy snow.

* The Czech and Slovak governments will meet at a joint session on
Monday, for the first time since the breakup of Czechoslovakia.

* A communist politician has denied issuing threatening comments on

* In hockey, Lev Praha have dismissed its head coach, Josef Jandac,
following a string of defeats in the KHL.

* The clocks go back one hour at 3 AM on Sunday as daylight saving
times ends in the Czech Republic.

Heavy snow hits most parts of the country

Heavy show hit most part of the Czech Republic on Saturday, causing
disruption in traffic and electricity supplies. Ice has formed on roads
in the most affected regions of Krknonose and Krusne Hory in the north
and north-west of the country while several railway lines including a
major Prague-Usti nad Labem route - were blocked by fallen trees. The
authorities have also warned of snow-related delays on some of the
country's highways including the D1 motorway between Prague and Brno.
Dozens of homes, mainly in eastern Bohemia, have been cut from
electricity supplies.

Czech and Slovak cabinets to hold joint session

The governments of the Czech Republic and Slovakia are to meet at a
joint session on Monday, for the first time since the breakup of
Czechoslovakia. The session will be held in the Czech town of Uherske
Hradiste before moving on to Trencin, in Slovakia. Czech and Slovak
ministers will discuss cooperation of the two countries in the areas of
security, energy, transportation and justice. The event will take place
a day after the Czech national holiday marking the foundation of
independent Czechoslovakia in 1918.

PM Necas warns against government's fall

A week before the senior coalition Civic Democrat party's election
congress, Prime Minister and party chair Petr Necas has warned against
the fall of his government, the news website
reported. In a letter to members of his party, Mr Necas said the
cabinet would fall if agreement is not reached among Civic Democrat MPs
on some of the government's planned steps such as raising the VAT
rates. The prime minister also analyzed his party's overwhelming defeat
in the recent Senate and regional elections which he blamed on the
government's failure to convince voters the country was moving in the
right direction.

Communist politician denies threatening Facebook comments

A Czech communist politician, Jaroslav Petelik, has denied having
issued a comment on his Facebook profile suggesting the "hanging of
right-wingers", which, along with the "expropriation of entrepreneurs
and their families" would improve the situation of most Czechs. Mr
Petelik, who serves council member in one of Prague districts and also
as an assistant to a communist MP, said it was an attack against him
and his party, and accused his political opponents of posting the
comment, adding he was going to file a criminal complaint over the

Two presidential hopefuls ready to register for elections

Another two candidates - Vladimir Dlouhy and Vladimir Franz - are
planning to register next week for the direct presidential elections,
the news agency CTK reported on Saturday. Both candidates have
collected 50,000 signatures needed to enter the race. The deadline for
registering will expire on Tuesday, November 5. Mr Dlouhy, a Goldman
Sachs consultant and former government minister, will present his
programme in Prague on Wednesday, his campaign said. Theatre and opera
composer Vladimir Franz will stage a march through the capital on

Some 25 people have expressed intentions to run for the office of Czech
president; polls mostly favour former PM Jan Fischer ahead of another
former PM Milos Zeman. The

People in Zlin region take highest number of sick days

People in the Zlin region, in the east of the country, took the highest
number of sick days in the country in the first nine month of the year,
according to figures released by the Czech Social Security
Administration on Saturday. People there took on average 57 days off
due to sickness, compared to the national average of over 47 days.
However, the Zlin region registered an annual decrease in both the
number of sick days and the cases of sick leaves. The lowest number of
sick days - 37 - was registered in Prague.

Hockey: KHL's Lev Prague fire head coach

The Czech Republic's sole participant in the Kontinental Hockey League,
Lev Praha, fired their head coach Josef Jandac on Saturday after a
series of seven defeats, most recently 2:3 to CSKA Moscow in Prague on
Thursday. The club's general manager Normunds Sejejs, said Josef Jandac
had played an important role in the build-up to Lev's first season in
the KHL but the club's recent results were too disappointing. Lev Praha
will be managed by Mr Jandac's assistants until the international
break. The club has also signed St Petersburg, and Czech international
goalie Petr Stepanek, to improve its performance.

Daylight saving time ends at 3 AM on Sunday

The clocks go back one hour at 3 AM on Sunday as daylight saving time
ends in the Czech Republic this year and the country switches to
Central European Time (CET). The change will affect about 10
international trains which will wait at stations for one hour before
moving on, a spokesman for Czech Railways said. The only exception is
the Prague-bound Euronight express from Kosice, in Slovakia, which not
make any stops in the early hours of Sunday and will therefore reach
its destination an hour early..


The cold spell is set to continue for several days to come, with snow,
sleet and daytime highs of around 5 degrees Celsius.

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