Friday, September 7, 2012

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Episode date 6 September 2012
Interviews and reports
The health of Canada's Bird Population: Study
(Maya Haga)
The first comprehensive study of the state of Canada’s bird population was completed this summer.  It shows both good news and bad news. Waterfowl populations are doing well, as are raptors which had been in very serious decline only a couple of decades ago.

Other populations, like the insect-eating swallows and swifts, have seen their numbers drop by more than 75%.
Monitoring most of the 451 species of birds in Canada began back in 1970, and this report shows that overall the bird population has declined by some 12 % since that time. The breakdown shows 44% of the species have declined, 33% have increased, and 23% of the species have had little change in their numbers.

RCI’s Marc Montgomery spoke to Richard Cummings, biologist, author, and senior project manager for Bird Studies Canada.

Why kids exclude others
As children in Canada go back to school there is increasing attention on how they are treated there. Social exclusion by peers can affect their emotional well being and their academic performance. Holly Recchia is an assistant professor in Education at Concordia University in Montreal and has studied the problem in a novel way. She explained it to RCI’s Lynn Desjardins.
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