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Episode date 3 September 2012
Interviews and reports
Furry ice-age botanists provice insight into past
photo: D. Gordon E. Robertson
When one thinks of prehistoric fossils, one most often thinks of huge dinosaurs, or wooly mammoths, giant bison, sabre toothed tigers and so on.  What is perhaps not quite so well-known is that Canada’s Yukon territory is one of the most productive places for finding such ancient skeletons.

Since 1995 the territory has had an official paleontologist to discover and record this ancient history.

RCI’s Marc Montgomery spoke with the Yukon ‘s paleontolgist Grant Zazula about a very interesting, but very much smaller prehistoric animal, an ice-age ground squirrel, that is providing extremely important information about the environment of the region hundreds of thousands of years ago.
Canada expands pro-trade plan to Southeast Asia
Canada's International Trade Minister and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway, Ed Fast, has just wrapped up a four nation tour of Southeast Asia - and sounded very optimistic about the future of Canadian trade in the region.

From August 27 to September 3 the Minister visited Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, and Burma (Myanmar). And on Monday he talked to journalists via a telephone conference call from Naypyidaw, the capital of Burma.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda has this report:

Summer literacy camps in aboriginal communities help kids read better, more
First nations, Canada's aboriginal populations, are opening up to non-native ways of helping children improve their reading skills through summer literacy camps.

Gilda Salomone speaks with Sherry Campbell, president and CEO of Frontier College, a literacy advocacy organization in Toronto, Ont.
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