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Episode date 27 September 2012
Interviews and reports
Contraception info online
(courtesy The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada)
“Contraception saves women’s lives. It allows women to space and time their children so it’s good for family health across the world,” said Canadian specialist Dr. Ashley Waddington on World Contraception Day, September 26th.

To mark the day, an updated interactive website was launched by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada to help people consider their birth control options and find out more about their sexual health. RCI’s Lynn Desjardins asked how people can use the site.
MP's motion to define human being defeated, abortion debate suspended?
Photo Canadian Press/Fred Chartrand
A Canadian government MP's motion to review the definition of a human being was defeated in Canada's House of Commons on Wednesday, September 26, 203 to 91.

The motion by Conservative backbencher Stephen Woodworth focuses on Article 223 (1) of Canada's Criminal Code and its definition that a child becomes a human being when it has left the body of its mother. Motion M-312 called for a committee of MPs to be set up to determine whether a child is a human being before the moment of complete birth. The 'human being' motion was seen by some in Canada as a way of opening up the possibility of limiting the right of Canadian women to have abortions, something that is legal right now.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda has this report.
International "land grabs"
Photo credit: Emily Cain
It’s a growing phenomenon, multi-national corporations, or sometimes foreign states themselves, contract long-term leases, or buy outright huge tracts of  land in developing countries.

The concern is that these land deals can push local small-hold farmers off their land, or land they traditionally have worked, often for generations, but without paper title.

The Canadian Foodgrains Bank is a partnership of Canadian Churches working in developing countries providing short-term food-aid for those in desperate need and longer term food security with agricultural programming to help people produce their own food.  In recent years they and others have become concerned about the consequences to local peoples from the so-called “land grab” issue

Paul Hagerman is the Director of Public Policy at the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. RCI's Marc Montgomery contacted him at his office in Winnipeg, in the prairie province of Manitoba.
Regards sur l'actualité
Bullying victim seeks anonymity in launching lawsuit
(Paul Sakuma/Associated Press)
A Canadian teenager wants to sue someone for defamation, but she wants her identity to be protected in court. Someone set up a phony Facebook page with the victim’s name slightly altered. [...]
Moose out for an early morning stroll
Photo from the CBC's Craig Paisley
It seems we’ve been noticing a lot of animal stories around Canada in the last little while. [...]
Miners rescued
. (David Lipnowski/Canadian Press)
Darwyn Wirth saw “a fairly large ball of flame,� reports the Globe and Mail. Mr. Wirth was driving down a mine shaft in the western Canadian province of Saskatchewan at the time. [...]
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