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Episode date 26 September 2012
Interviews and reports
The Bluenose to sail again
The vessel is an iconic symbol of Canada. When the original sailing schooner was launched in 1923, she was a work boat, designed to ply the Atlantic waters of Canada’s east coast catching fish. These East Coast schooners also had to be fast in order to bring home the catch as fresh as possible.

These schnoonermen over the years scoffed at yachtsmen who cancelled their races in winds and waves that they considered merely light breezes and mild swells.  In 1920 a Halifax newspaper organized a race between American and Canadian ships, called the International Fisherman’s Trophy with a $3000 prize.  After an initial loss to the Americans, Bluenose was built to be a profitable and strong working boat, but also fast. And indeed she was!  After 18 years working and racing, Bluenose was never defeated, even in her old age.

(Canadian Dime- 10cents- copyright Royal Canadian Mint)

Memorialized on Canada’s 10-cent coin, and a beautiful stamp,  the aging ship eventually was sold and later wrecked on a Haitian reef in 1946.  A Bluenose II replica was launched in 1963 in honour of that past, and now after a lengthy, costly, and controversial refit, the new Bluenose II will be launched this Saturday the 29th.

RCI’s Marc Montgomery spoke to Lunenburg Mayor Laurence Mawhinney
'My Lunch Paid for African Aid' campaign
In Canada's capital Ottawa on Wednesday, Sept 26, people were given brown lunch bags, asked to make their own lunch, and give money to aid relief efforts in the Sahel region of West Africa.

The campaign organized by the relief organisation World Vision Canada wants to get Canadians to donate money before September 30th, the deadline the Canadian government has given for matching dollar for dollar any aid raised. Members of World Vision and Members of Parliament from all parties in Ottawa participated in the effort on Wednesday.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda spoke to World Vision Canada's Senior Director of Policy and Advocacy, Elly Vandenberg.
Canadians help fight rape of Kenyan children
(Sally Armstrong)
A girl or woman is raped in Kenya every 30 minutes, according to the country’s National Commission on Human Rights. Although the country has tough laws against sexual violence, police do not enforce them.

With Canadian help, a Kenyan group is going to sue the government for failing to protect the victims. RCI’s Lynn Desjardins learned the case was filed on behalf of 160 girls between the ages of three and 16.
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