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Episode date 19 September 2012
Interviews and reports
Canada losing its competitive edge
(World Economic Forum)
Canada has dropped once again in world rankings for “competitiveness”

The World Economic Forum has just released its annual global competitiveness report and Canada has dropped two places from last year from 12th to 14th place in world rankings, which is now 5 spots down from its ranking in 2009.

The Conference Board of Canada is a partner institute to the WEF and to find out more about why Canada is losing its competitive edge, RCI’s Marc Montgomery spoke to Conference Board President and CEO, Mr Daniel Muzyka
Struggling for effectiveness - Canadian foreign aid
Canada's foreign aid programs are undergoing changes, and the definition of what is effective foreign aid is changing as well.

A new book "Struggling for Effectiveness - CIDA and Canadian Foreign Aid" looks at these changes, the politicisation of foreign aid, the question of short term and long term effectiveness, and how security and economic issues have changed Canadian foreign aid.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda talked to the book's editor University of Ottawa professor and political scientist Stephen Brown about some of the key issues raised by the book.
Background checks can harm innocent people
(Sarah Bridge/CBC)
People who have never been convicted of a crime may find police have kept information about them that could hurt them in several ways. They may have been witnesses in a criminal case. They may have called police for a medical emergency. They may have been arrested but never charged. This information may show up in backgrounds checks and people may be blocked from jobs, volunteer positions and even travel.

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association says the police practice undermines the presumption of innocence. Victims say it’s an invasion of privacy. RCI’s Lynn Desjardins reports .
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