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Episode date 16 September 2012
Detecting Alzheimer's early
There is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease. But there is a way to slow down the brain damage. The problem is it’s difficult to detect the disease before there is significant damage. A new study out of Concordia University in Montreal has found ways to try to predict who has a higher risk of getting Alzheimer’s. RCI's Lynn Desjardins spoke with the supervisor of the study, Natalie Phillips, associate professor in the Department of Psychology.
Politics Today September 16, 2012

On this edition of "Politics Today" RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda talks about the return of Canadian parliamentarians to Ottawa on Monday, September 17. He has details on Immigration Minister Jasone Kenney's latest tough stance on immigration fraud: 11-thousand people are suspected of lying to get into Canada, and his department is preparing to revoke the citizenship of more than 3-thousand Canadians. As well new visa restrictions are in place to stop an "unacceptably high number of immigration violations."

Also coverage of the signing of a Canada-China foreign investment agreeement, the proposed takeover of Canadian oil company Nexen by the Chinese state-owned oil company CNOOC, Canada's concern for its diplomats, and a quick look at what's going on after the September 4 election in the predominantly French-speaing province of Quebec.
Arts-Culture #12- Canada Council for the Arts- Musical Instrument Bank
On this edition 12 of the Spotlight on arts and culture in Canada. We hear of a competition involving classical musicians and some of the best violins and cellos in the world.

The Canada Council for the Arts has established a musical instrument bank of 18 instruments, including Stradivari and guarnieri violins and cellos. Every three years, up and coming professional musicians in Canada audition for the chance to get one of these instruments to use for the next three years.  The last competition was in 2009, and next week the 29 finalists will perform to choose the final 18.

I speak to Joanne Laroque-Poirier, head of endowments and prizes at the CCA, to learn more.


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