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Episode date 12 September 2012
Interviews and reports
Canada: Safety of diplomats a priority
AP Photo/Ibrahim Alaguri
A press conference from India with Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird was supposed to focus on the increasing trade links between Canada and India, but journalists focussed more on the issue of diplomats' safety, and last week's decision by Canada to pull its diplomats from Iran.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda has this report:
Judge blasts interrogation technique
The Reid method used by police to interrogate suspects can lead innocent people to make false confessions, according to a judge in the western province of Alberta. Provincial Court Judge Mike Dinkel said the technique can lead to “overwhelmingly oppressive situations” and so he dismissed the case he was hearing last month.

He is not the first judge to criticize the interrogation method used by police all over North America. RCI’s Lynn Desjardins reports.
Quebec's Gentilly-2 Nuclear plant may be closed
In the central Canadian province of Quebec, the only operational nuclear power plant may soon be closed. 

In 2008 the Liberal Party government of the mostly French-speaking province announced that it would authorize a 2-billion dollar refurbishing of the plant known as Gentilly-2. However, the Liberal Party lost in the recent provincial election, and is now replaced by the Parti Quebecois which has said it will close the plant.

Nuclear power has long been a controversial industry, and as may be expected, critics are welcoming the plans, while proponents of nuclear power say its a short-sighted decision

RCI’s Marc Montgomery gets reaction to the proposed closure.
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