Friday, September 7, 2012

Radio Prague Today 9.7.2012

Articles posted today

Hunt Kastner Artworks – helping young Czech artists develop international careers

Hunt Kastner Artworks in Prague 7 is a private gallery owned and run by Camille Hunt, who is Canadian, and Katherine Kastner, who is from the US though her mother is Czech. The two represent 10 Czech artists, among them Eva Koťátková, Josef Bolf and Daniel Pitín. This week I stopped by to talk to the owners about their work, both curating shows and helping their artists find buyers overseas. I first asked Hunt what had led them to open the gallery in the first place.

Business News 7.9.2012

The Czech GDP has fallen in the second quarter of 2012; nominal salaries grew, but not as fast as consumer prices; more Czech companies are among top earners in the region; complicated hiring procedures for foreigners may discourage investors; number of personal bankruptcies has grown immensely in the first half of this year.

Mock elections show students' aversion to political establishment

More than 22,000 Czech students cast their ballots in this year's edition of mock elections held at secondary schools across the country. Organized by the charity and human rights advocacy group People in Need, the mock elections put the Czech Pirate Party on top, with 20 percent of the vote. The project is designed to increase student's participation in the election process. But it also showed how dissatisfied Czech students are with the political establishment.