Saturday, September 29, 2012

Radio Prague Today 9.29.2012

Articles posted today

Radio Prague goes back on air

For a few weeks just after the fall of communism, Radio Prague went silent. Its days as a tool in the Cold War were over. After huge staff cuts, and with the old communist managers gone, Radio Prague went back on air early in 1990. A new era began for the English Section, and with so many sweeping social and economic changes under way, there was plenty to report about.

Science Journal 29.9.2012

Two stories of the fruitful work of Czech scientists on the international scale in this month's Science Journal, both touching on key modern issues of food production and climate change.

"Second Exile": a true story from communist Czechoslovakia in poetry and prose

Born in 1946, Aleš Macháček, has been through experiences that it is hard for people from the west to imagine. In 1977 he was sentenced to three years in prison for helping to distribute books and periodicals that were banned by the regime in Czechoslovakia, and in 1985 he was bullied into exile in London, as part of a secret police campaign to get rid of troublesome dissidents. That was where he met his partner, Jane Kirwan. Today they live in Prague, in a flat above an old cinema built by Aleš's grandparents nearly a century ago. All this has provided inspiration for an unusual and moving book, "Second Exile", in which Aleš tells his story, interspersed with Jane's poems responding to events in Aleš's life, his family's history and their shared life. David Vaughan reports.