Thursday, September 20, 2012

Radio Prague Today 9.20.2012

Articles posted today

Hated and admired, Brno's Orloj lays a claim to fame

It was meant to be the pride of Brno - the town's own astronomical clock to rival Prague's famous Orloj and attract tourists to the Moravian metropolis. Located on the city's Freedom Square the shiny black six-metre-tall, phallus-shaped clock has attracted praise and insults in equal measure since its unveiling two years ago. As Brno City Hall hoped, it has become the talk of the town but in a slightly different way than expected.

Czech government plans to ease liquor ban

Less than a week after sales of hard liquor in the Czech Republic were banned in response to the ongoing methanol crisis, the government has announced plans to ease the partial prohibition. Newly produced liquor, tested for the presence of methanol, should be made available within some two weeks' time. The Czech authorities are also facing criticism from the European Commission which says they should ban exports of Czech spirits to protect consumers in other EU countries.

We're surviving...for now, says manager of 'Prohibition' themed cocktail bar

The Czech authorities continue efforts to restart sales of hard alcohol, with plans to ease the controversial ban on spirits introduced in the wake of the methanol scandal. Lifting the ban won't come soon enough for the nation's bar and restaurant businesses, among them the Black Angel's Cocktail Bar, hidden away in the basement of Prague's U Prince Hotel. When it opened two years ago it was styled as a Prohibition-style bar, offering the decor, atmosphere and authentic cocktails of 1920s America. Ironically, the bar is now struggling with very real prohibition, as Managing Director Pavel Šíma explained.