Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Radio Prague Today 9.19.2012

Articles posted today

Have the Czech authorities failed in regulating the liquor market?

The recent outbreak of methanol poisonings from bootleg liquor has drawn attention to the Czech alcohol market and its regulation. Up to 25 percent of all spirits sold in the country is estimated to come from illicit producers; the Czechs also have some of the highest alcohol consumption levels in the world. So has the state failed to control the liquor market and protect consumers?

Despite repeated warnings bootleg alcohol claims more victims daily

In the course of the past week the outbreak of methanol poisonings from bootleg liquor has taken a heavy toll: 23 people have died and over 35 remain hospitalized, many of them in critical condition. Several have gone blind. In view of the enormous publicity the methanol crisis has received and the work of local authorities in spreading the message –how is it possible that every day more people are being rushed to hospital in critical condition and why do so many of them come late?

Campaign allows drivers to choose between monetary fine and crash test

Organisers from the Transport Ministry's Road Safety department (BESIP), in cooperation with Czech and German police, launched a one-day campaign in North Bohemia on Tuesday monitoring drivers on the D8 highway. Police stopped motorists and truckers most often for failure to use their seatbelts. But instead of automatically handing them fines, police offered them a choice: to pay up, or take a spin in a crash simulator instead.